The History of Star Wars the Force Awakens

The Odyssey sets the standard for many modern-day epic stories. There are many examples of this, however, focusing on Star Wars, this becomes quite evident Every epic has a plot around A Hero’s Journey. There is a theme for the film that has an acronym, G.O.E.S. Which stands for   Glorified, On a Quest, Ethical, and Strong. Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues the modern epic of Joseph Campbell’s A Hero with a Thousand Faces incorporates The Hero’s Journey, Mentors and Wizards, and finally Man versus Machine.

The element of Mentors and Wizards continues the modern epic in Star Wars; The Force Awakens. Han Solo is a mentor to Rey because Han Solo gives her a gift that was a gun and Rey rejects it, but Han Solo gives advice to Rey (Abrams). Rey did not think that the gun would help herself defend against the storm troopers. Han Solo gives advice to Finn, but Maz gives Finn a gun. They needed to find and defend Rey, before, getting out of the bar. Rey leaves without a weapon to run away with BB8 and then Maz gives a light saber to Finn (Abrams). Maz and Han Solo gives advice and gifts to the hero’s, Rey and Finn and in doing so, are acting as mentors and wizards.  Han Solo wanted to bring Kylo Ren’s son back (Abrams). Han Solo wanted to see his son again because Han Solo has not seen his son in a few years and wants him to be good.

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Man versus Machine remains an aspect of the modern epic in The Star Wars The Force Awakens. Rey surprised Finn because she could not fly the Millennium Falcon that saved BB8 (Abrams). Rey relied on technology, but Rey relied on herself to fly the Millennium Falcon.  The dark side used machines to destroy the planet, by sucking the sun out of the energizer (Abrams). Sometimes people live for the machines or they will live for evil. When the people saw the energizer they started panicking, because they did not know what was happening on the planet.    Rey and Finn fought the storm troopers while escaping the dark side (Abrams).  While they were in the trading post the heroes, Rey and Finn must take part in combat for an epic battle against good an evil.   This aspect in The Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues a modern epic through Man versus Machine.

The last detail of the modern epic is the Hero’s Journey. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rey tries to sell BB8 because Rey wanted to get some food for herself, but Rey did not end up selling him (Abrams). Since   Rey’s conscience questions why BB8 is important.    This demonstrates Rey’s choice of goodness over evil.  Throughout the story, Rey struggles with her desire to defeat evil by protecting BB8 while trying to get him back to his home base.  Over and over Rey continuously fights battles with the storm troopers.  Rey refuses to accept defeat when Rey finds a new-found friend, Finn, who was born into the dark side, but escapes from the evil forces.  Meeting Finn encourages Rey to continue the journey even though it’s a struggle.  Another example of Rey’s journey is demonstrated by Han Solo offering Rey a job, but she rejects it, as Rey wants to help protect BB8’s secret map.(Abrams).   Finn, Han Solo and Rey travel together to see Maz, who over time becomes Rey’s mentor.  During this part of adventure, Rey doubts herself and her strength.  This can be seen in Rey’s and Finn’s attempt to fly the Millennium Falcon.

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens, continues Josephs Campbell’s  A Hero  With a Thousand Faces by adding The Hero’s Journey, Mentors and Wizards, and ultimately Man Versus Machine. In the Hero’s Journey Rey found her call to the adventure by helping keep BB8 and the classified information safe.  Rey shows strength by fighting against the Storm Troopers, went on a quest to return BB8 back to base and made ethical decision by not trading BB8 for food.

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