Air Force Chaplain Assistant

In my capacity as an Air Force Chaplain Assistant, right now, I am an inspirational kind of leader. In my job, I work with people in the military and their families. It is through inspirational leadership that I have been able to communicate and interact socially with people effectively. This skill set has helped me to motivate and increase confidence among military members during their trying times. I am also a cognitively flexible person who can adjust and adapt to different circumstances effectively. Through this skill, I am able to effectively switch through tasks and make time-sensitive decisions. Cognitive flexibility has inherently informed my decisions to prioritize tasks and adjust according to prevailing situations. In addition, I am a leader that values hard work and resilience. Therefore, I like to recognize the efforts and hard work of my subordinates, my peers and my seniors.

I plan to improve my leadership effectiveness over the next three to five years by adopting competence leadership strategies such as such as change management and commitment to excellence to promote work ethics. Through these strategies, I will be in a better position to advise leadership, adequately prepare for worship services as well as to manage finances. Another way that I plan to improve my leadership effectiveness is through the incorporation of referent power. Referent powers will enhance my leadership through collaboration and influence. Sometimes, military members’ express emotions of low self-confidence and this skill will help me cultivate good working relations with them rather than imposing control and command.

Active listening is a critical component of an effective leader. I plan to improve my leadership by actively listening to the people around me. I want to be a leader that listens fully to someone as opposed to partial listening. By so doing, I will be in a better position to understand their point of view and adequately exercise my inspirational motivation skills. I endeavor to practice active listening during my counseling sessions, unit visitations as well as when listening to my leaders. My aim is to be perceived as a leader who inspires other people and gains inspiration from them as well. Ultimately, I want to be viewed as a well-rounded inspirational leader who is cognitively flexible to his work environment. This will help me to work towards achieving competence through referent leadership and by actively listening to my subordinates my peers and my supervisors.

Being this kind of leader will help me interact with my subordinates by actively listening to their needs and where possible addressing them or forwarding them to my seniors. I aspire to be viewed as a leader who is approachable, encouraging and understanding. I want to be a source of inspiration motivation and support through actively listening to their needs, proposals, and suggestions. Additionally, being this kind of leader will affect my peers by opening an avenue for them to get counseling and encouragement since they go through occupational difficulties. It will help them to work and coordinate with me effectively. Through my competency skills, I will be in a better position to influence them towards goal achievement. I believe I will be more approachable to my peers and that we can share our thoughts and feelings freely.

Being this kind of leader will affect my supervisors by enhancing their perception about me, I would like them to perceive me as a leader who is cognitively flexible and one who can expertly handle unpredictable situations through organization and prioritization. Moreover, I would like my supervisors to view me as a competent leader who promotes work ethics, shares knowledge and influences others to do good. Finally, it will be an honor to be perceived as a caring, trustworthy and accountable person by being an active listener who puts adequate attention into communication and responding to instructions.

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