The Rise of Odysseus in January

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I am Odysseus a Greek hero who went to fight the Trojan War, but I never returned home even though other heroes did. While trying to find my way home, I went through a lot of trials and tribulations. The reason I didn't return was that I was being kept captive by a goddess named Calypso who fell in love with me. I'm being kept away from my son and wife who I wish I were celebrating my win of the war. I'm leading my men on a journey home. Time has passed and we landed on the island of Cicones. Me and my men were greedy we took what we wanted. It lasted until the Cicones got tired and attacked us. My punishment from the all-powerful Zeus was for my men to end up in a trance by eating the fruit of the lotus. I then came in contact with a man by the name of Polyphemus. He took two of my men and ate them and held me captive until I created an escape plan for the rest of my men and me. It's been a couple of days, and we're still on our journey home. I've lost a few men, but some have survived. We landed in Aeaea where I met this amazing witch/goddess by the name of Circe. Although I have a wife at home waiting for me I've fallen in love with Circe. I've cheated on my wife, and I don't feel bad at all. I and my men finally left Aeaea, and we landed in Lombardy. I met this man by the name of January which I thought was a strange name. My Name is January and in a sixty-year-old knight who's finally looking for the love of my life. I sent word out through some of my close friends and told them to find me someone no older than twenty. I had two people who were in my ear telling me what was better to do when making my decision. Their names were Placebo and Justinus. Placebo cited Solomon, advising January that it would be excellent to marry a young wife, and telling him to do exactly as he pleased ( Justinus cited Seneca, arguing that January should be more careful and more thoughtful before taking a wife, warning that a young wife was like to cuckold an old husband ( We searched all over, and finally, we found the one I wish to marry. She goes by the name of May, and she's the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. After our wedding, we had a big feast. Once we got rid of everyone, we had some alone time. I realized that my squire by the name of Damian seemed to be the only person that wasn't happy and I don't know nor do I intend to find out. A couple of days after May and I were married a strange man by the name of Odysseus, and his men came into town. No one has ever seen or heard of them before. Odysseus has now landed in Lombardy and he and his men are greeted by a man who they call January and his wife May. January asked, Who are you and why are you in my town? Odysseus said, My name is Odysseus. Me and my men are on a journey to get back home, and we just so happened to land in your town. January said, Well my name is January, and this is my wife May. Welcome to our town. January began to show Odysseus around the town and even offered for him to stay at his house. January sent May back to the house, and he and Odysseus went on a walk to get to know each other. On their walk the two talk about a lot of things including their wives. Odysseus gets to telling January about Penelope and his son Telemachus. As Jan is listening to Odysseus, he catches on to the fact that he mentions the sin of adultery. You know that what you have done is considered a sin in my town, said January. I don't know what this adultery sin you speak of is, but it is not talked about in my culture, responded Odysseus. As the men talked about the way they treated their wives, they realized they had a lot in common. They both were controlling, and they treated women like property. They also share a love for money. The next night Odysseus was walking around town when he noticed May sneaking around with someone who wasn't January. He was quiet and didn't say anything until he saw Jan the next day. Who is the young man over there next to the counter, asked Odysseus. Ahh, that's Damian he is my loyal squire. Why do you ask, Replied Jan. I saw him sneaking around with young May last night. States O. Jan states, That's impossible. They know the seriousness of adultery. O replies, so do I which is why I'm telling you. Jan continues to think that O is lying about what he saw, so he ignores it. Some time has passed, and because of old age, Jan starts to lose his sight. Him losing his sight led to May taking advantage of him, and she started to have interactions with Damian boldly. A god by the name of King Pluto saw what was going on and decided to give Jan his sight back so he could catch May in action with Damian. Jan couldn't believe what he was seeing. He cast his eyes in the tree above only to see that Damian had addressed his wife in ways that cannot be expressed unless I use a most discourteous word. (The Merchant Tales pg. 386) May continued to tell January he saw things and his eyesight was acting up. He believed her because he was so naive. January got tired of Odysseus telling him she was lying that he finally sent him on his way. Leave at once now you and all of your men leave my town and don't come back, Yelled January. Odysseus begins to round up all of his men, and at the same time, he started to get back to his ways. Take all that you can gather that includes food, money, and animals then meet me on the ship Whispered Odysseus. Odysseus and his men then left and continued their journey home.
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