People Consider Ulysses Everett McGill a Hero Like Odysseus

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A hero is a person that people idolize for their good works. A hero is a person people look up to and want to be. Odysseus is a hero. He fought and ended a war. Then as Odysseus and his men are on their way home they run into trouble multiple times and with Odysseus’s quick wits he is able to get them out just as fast as he got them into the mess. So does Ulysses Everett McGill stand up to Odysseus as a hero? Everett is a felon, he and two of his fellow acquaintances in jail escaped to go find “fortune”. So unlike Odysseus, Everett did something against the law, whereas Odysseus was a king and never did anything against the law. Even though Everett did something against the law he used his calculating mind to think of a plan to escape from jail. Just like Ulysses, Everett would use his calculating mind to escape from trouble as well. For example, when Odysseus and his men were trapped in the cyclops cave. Odysseus’s men thought of a plan to kill the cyclop, but Odysseus knew that his men wouldn’t be able to move the rock to escape from the cave. So Odysseus used his wits to think of a trick where the cyclop would open up the cave for him and his men to escape, similarly to Everett escaping from jail. Everett and Odysseus were both stubborn leaders. They always wanted things to be done their way and when Everett or Odysseus would get them out of a tough situation they both liked to be praised for their good works. They wanted everyone to thank them and later when Everett and Odysseus return home they like to brag about the good things they have done. No one ever elected them to be the leader though and frankly, their crew always questioned why they were the ones in charge. Everett and Odysseus are both very brave. They put their lives on the line multiple times. For example, in Oh Brother Where Art Thou Everett has the guts to escape from jail. Then after he escapes he has to find a place to hide because now he is wanted by the cops. So his life becomes endangered multiple times, but he never gives up because he is brave. Similarly, in “The Odyssey” Odysseus finishes a war that takes 10 years and as he is on his way back home many time-consuming struggles come his way and he finally makes it home 10 years later, but he never gave up because he is brave. In conclusion, Ulysses Everett McGill stands up to Odysseus as a hero. Of course, Everett didn’t make the best decisions at the beginning of his journey, but towards the end he put his past behind him to live up to his full potential. Everett is just as calculating, brave, and a stubborn leader as Odysseus. So, in conclusion, Everett stands up to Odysseus as a hero.
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