Odysseus and the Gods

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How long would have Odysseus survived without any help from the gods. Without them, The Odyssey would most likely be a very short story. The gods help Odysseus in many ways, but they also made his adventure tougher. Odysseus might not have survived as long without the gods by his side. The gods that affect him the most were Athena, and Hermes. All humans show so much respect to the gods because the gods are listening and will help if it is necessary. Odysseus had to show them respect too because of all the help that they give him. With their help the story is complete, and lended Odysseus the strength to continue. The gods give him great examples and also made him try his hardest not only to see his family but to make the gods proud. Hermes's actions are powerful and left a good mark in the journey. He is a working messenger and sends a message for Calypso to release Odysseus from her island. That said, the keen-eyed messenger was quick (96). He also gives Odysseus the moly plant which allows him to overcome Circe and remain a man instead of becoming insane. Hermes acts as a great example for Odysseus to have for the rest of his journey. Odysseus would never get out of the island if it wasn't for Hermes. He needs the most help he can get and Hermes is there to help things go right. The effectiveness of his actions caused great things to happen to Odysseus. Athena is the most important goddess in the story of The Odyssey. She helps Odysseus and Telemachus with their whole journey home and uses her divine powers. Throughout the story, she acts as Telemachus' mentor and teacher because she helps guide him in the right direction. Athena acts very strong and caring towards others. Grey-eyed Athena set her mind on still another stratagem, so that Odysseus might come to see the gracious girl who could lead him to the town of the Phaeacians. (112) She helps Odysseus with his success by helping him in the fights, speaking up for him, and staying active. But then Athena added to her plan this stratagem. (367) Athena shows that she was willing to be active and take time to make plans for others. Odysseus was definitely thankful for all the gods and their contributions to his long journey. If he didn't have anyone to help him, he would've died or stayed in one place for years. Some gods didn't have as much of an impact on this adventure, but they all contributed in positive and negative ways to complete the journey. With their inhuman capabilities, they were able to use them in many ways to make this adventure very epic. Odysseus shows a lot of respect to the gods and got many decent outcomes. They were all very powerful and could use their strengths to either help others or take them down. The gods make people want to be as strong as them, so they try to do their best and beseech them to make them proud. Odysseus had so many great people and gods on his side that he could be stronger than his enemies. If they weren't on his side helping, he would've not been able to tell his story and he would've been a mystery. Odysseus was definitely thankful for all the gods and their contributions to his long journey. A world without gods, religious or not, would make us humans feel empty by not having any figure higher and leading us.
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