The Questions “Free College”

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The questions that arise when you hear “free college” is where is the money going to come from, who’s actually paying for it and how much is it going to cost overall. Well according to one USA article in 2017 “Bernie Sanders introduced a bill last week, which would abolish tuition and fees at public four-year universities for students from households making $125,000 or less per year, and would make community college tuition-free for students from all income levels”. Sanders admitted that the plan is costly –and wants Wall Street to pay for it. The estimate cost of the program is $47 billion a year. Like many of you all I don’t agree with this idea fully but to some extend I can agree with it.

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“The Questions “Free College””

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Some people say that this would equal more competitiveness and fewer jobs, people are so afraid of others that they rather keep them below them as much as they can, which is plain foolishness. Individuals like to argue that there is no such thing as free education because you know untimely somebody else is going to be paying for that education, which if you think about it isn’t that what we have done through all our kids’ education from pre-k to high school so why not help our kids succeed and start to look at the benefits and not the negatives only. Individuals also love to say that once college is free, it will be worth as much as high school, possibly less which I definitely don’t agree with it just think about it like this people need homes to live in therefor would building more houses equal that house value decreases? No because at the end of the day people need a home to live in , more college degrees would equal to people making new inventions or businesses meaning more jobs and more people needed.

Like stated before when people here free-college they tend to argue about how it’s going to be free? Is it the government that’s going to pay for or Wall Street like Bernie Sandler suggested? Like many of you all I used to be skeptical and afraid about the whole idea of having free tuition for everyone , I mean this would mean taxes would go up and the idea of students taking advantage of such program made me furious specially if some did nothing with their degree after receiving it . You see just like many others I wasn’t taking everything into perspective I wasn’t considering the benefits of such program like how it would benefit the economy, how we would discover new things due to more people getting educated and most importantly how beneficial it could be to all of us, imagine a society where everyone is capable of contributing in one way or another, a successful county in many ways isn’t that what we want? to make America Great Again. Back then I was so caught up in the negativities this would bring that I never focused on the positives until I became a student myself.

You see if more people got educated the need for government assistance would reduce drastically, more people could afford housing and healthcare, government assistance wouldn’t be needed as much. Also at the end of the day more than 50% of Americans will end up having kids meaning that this would eventually help everyone’s kids successfully go to college without debt, this would benefit mostly all of us because at the end of the day we all have nephews, nieces, daughter’, grandchildren, etc., and don’t we want to help each other out and see a successful future for our kids and our loved ones in this world. We need to stop living in a world where we rather not try anything due to fear of the outcomes, we need to remind ourselves that failing is how we succeed it’s time to give everyone the same shot at life as anyone else.

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