Qualities of a Good Parent

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Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad. There is a lot to expect from becoming a first-time parent. The challenges and adversities are nonetheless an experience that everyone should get the opportunity to have. Unfortunately, not everyone has these experiences. Some parents have to do this alone, others have support from family members or friends, and there are single-parents. Either the mother raising the child on her own, or in some cases the father.

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“Qualities of a Good Parent”

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Merriam Webster defines a parent as “one that begets or brings forth offspring.” (Parent). Therefore, anyone can be called a parent who brings a child into this world. Most first-time parents do not know what to expect. It can be exciting at times and can be overwhelming. It is a true testament to the person that you are by sticking around through te difficult times. Your life changes drastically when you become a parent.

The majority of single parents are made up of single mothers. According to 2017 U.S. Census Bureau, out of about 12 million single-parent families with children under the age of eighteen, more than eighty percent were headed by single mothers.” (Census). Today, one in four children under the age of eighteen are being raised without a father. This is where being a father comes into play. Any man can make a child and become a father. But being in their lives is being a dad.

You cannot just earn the justified title of “dad” because you got a woman pregnant and she had your child. Being a dad is being involved in your child’s life. Being involved does not mean paying child support and seeing your child once a month. Being involved is paying your child support, having a parenting plan set up, seeing your child regularly, and attending life events and spending time with them. Even if the mother and father are not together, parenting can still be done.

Spending time with your child is important. This is one of the biggest things your child will remember. Not the huge toy you bought for Christmas, or that one birthday present. They will remember the one time at the zoo, or that time you took them to do something. Out of personal experience, children remember a lot more things than we give them credit for. Most of the time they do not remember the gift that you got them as much as they do the one time you fell off the swing when you were at the park with them.

In the Parents article, they state seven ways your life changes when you become a dad. One of the seven things was stating that your social life is gone (Shell). This is true, to an extent. Of course, it is not completely gone, but your child will take up most of your time now. Being a young dad, this was hard to deal with. Instead of going out on a Friday night with your friends, you are stuck at home with a child. It is was you make of it. This is where time comes into play. Make your experience gratifying. Have a game night, build a fort, or bake cookies. Your child will remember that for sure. They will also remember that you chose to go out instead of picking them up from their mom’s. It takes years of practice to become a good parent. Having your first child is a learning experience, but it does not have to be a bad one.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility. Not everyone is ready for it, nor should they be. That is what makes having a child exhilarating. You never know what you are going to get. One night may be tears and screaming, the other is giggles and playtime. It is your responsibility to be there through it all. After having a child, you are no longer your number one priority, it is at this point you have to learn to put someone other than yourself first. This is an adversity that is difficult to deal with, but it is very possible. Being a parent is a gift from God that should never be taken for granted. Being a man walking out of your child’s life is being a father. Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad. The trials and tribulations throughout life are no greater than being a parent. It is what you make of it. Being there for your child can not only improve their way of life but can be passed down to them as what it takes to be a good parent, father, and role model. So that they may do the same for their child in the future. 

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