Why does Mother Teresa Inspire Me?

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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, also known as Saint Teresa, was born in Skopje, Macedonia on August 26,1910. She was raised in a family full of Albanian Descents. When Mother Teresa wanted to become a nun, she went to train at a school called Sisters of Loreto in Dublin, Ireland. Some challenges Mother Teresa faced as an adult was when she moved into the slums, she begged for money so she can be able to make a place that will help car for the sick and poor.

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“Why does Mother Teresa Inspire Me?”

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Although Mother Teresa was willing to give and help care for the sick and poor, she had some trouble with her faith. Although Mother Teresa had some challenges, she overcame them. For example, after begging for money the government gave her a place to care for the sick and poor. Teresa was known for how willingly she was to bring attention to the people in Calcutta and to all around the world who were living in poverty. Mother Teresa was also known for speaking against abortion and being the founder of the order of the missionaries of charity. Mother Teresa’s inspiration was God.

In 1946, she experienced her “call within a call” which was when God called out to her and when she decided to devote her life to helping the poor. At 18, she worked with the sisters of Loreto and did missions in India. When Mother Teresa decided to move into the slums, some Indian nuns helped her out. A person a lot of people think is very similar to Mother Teresa is a man named Gandhi. Some things Gandhi and mother Teresa have in common are serving the poor, been blamed and accused for being selfish, been in the missionaries of charity, did missions in India, and were very famous.

Due to Mother Teresa’s actions she hopes that people all around the world can join the charity and help bring food and care for the sick and poor. Mother Teresa inspires me because she helped so many poor people and was a very humble, caring and loving person. She treated everyone equally and made a difference in the world. I love how she had faith through the good and the bad times. A habit I have is that I help and volunteer at my church so we can go to different places and help others. Three habits I want to develop by the time I graduate high school are to help at my church more often, try to have more faith, and help with goods and services.

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