The Problems of Reality TV

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If you want to feel bad about yourself, reality t.v. might just me for you! Reality t.v. has become very popular over the past 20 years. For some it is a guilty pleasure, but for others it is harmful. Reality t.v. causes people to have unrealistic expectations, harms self-image, and promotes bullying. One of the effects of reality t.v. is unrealistic expectations. Most of the time when you watch reality t.v. the people are very rich, have fancy houses and cars. Those are very unrealistic expectations. Also, people who have their own reality show, success came very easy to them. Either on a popular show, by famous parents, or a viral video. Lastly, people on reality t.v. are spoiled and get whatever they want. People sometimes act a certain way to get what they want. As you can see, reality t.v. can give unrealistic expectations. Another effect of reality t.v. is worrying about self-image. When you watch reality t.v. you see perfect bodies. You see them eating healthy to get thin and skinny. Some even have plastic surgery. Also, it can cause eating disorders, which can cause health issues and death. People get sick trying not to eat so they can be skinny. Lastly, people might thinking they are ugly and not good enough. People mess up their faces by getting botox, lip fillers, and more. In conclusion, reality t.v. is very harmful to viewer’s self-image. Lastly, reality t.v. can cause bullying. Reality t.v. has a lot of inappropriate actions. People may think it is cool to act that way. So, they act that way. Also, people on reality t.v. can lie straight through their teeth. It might look easy to people so they do it. Finally, people who are on reality t.v. love to gossip about others and start problems. It might seem funny and harmless to others, but it is a really bad thing to do. Now as you can see reality t.v. can cause this world’s biggest problem, bullying. Without a doubt, reality t.v. has some of the worst effects on its viewers. Reality t.v is being watched by millions of impressionable young ones. These young ones are growing up with unreal views. Is this what you want for our generations to come?
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