Implementation of Virtual Reality

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We recently have received a 50/50 grant that we are going to be able to purchase a computer and the needed equipment to be able to bring virtual reality exposure to our students. Businesses in our area, both architectural and manufacturing, are incorporating virtual reality experiences into their projects. With virtual reality technology, the architects and designers are able to start designing spaces with a three-dimensional special awareness that can’t be experienced through creating 2D floor plans, elevations and even photo realistic renderings.

Our industries are just at the tipping point of virtual reality becoming a typical visualization tool. We feel being able to expose our drafting students to virtual reality, that we are positioning our students to become leaders in this industry technology.

One of the many benefits of virtual reality is the potential for users to engage with the deeply engaging environment they are in or are creating. Changing finishes, color schemes and furniture on the spot and being able to walk through the space, seeing these changes, will help prospective clients to visualize their project.

Another benefit is to simulate the real world scenario. Not only can it be used to help visualize the aesthetic aspects it can help depict better the buildings composition and elements. It can help with wayfinding, fire escape routes, fire simulations, daylighting analysis, lighting loads, cooling loads and overall configurations of the building.

Virtual Reality can also be used in construction training. It can be used as a training ground for construction workers. Virtual Reality can help with clash detection of building systems and make construction sites more efficient, intuitive and most importantly more safe.

They say that with great risk comes great reward. We feel there is an enormous competitive edge for our students by being able to expose them to virtual reality and augmented reality even if it will be them just touching the edge of the technology capabilities. For now, we are looking forward to introducing them to this technology and we hope down the road this plays a much larger roles in our drafting and design technology students training and education.   

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