Examining what Reality TV is about

Examining Reality Television

Have you ever stopped for a moment and realize how reality Television ruins you? reality TV is a big distraction; it degrades value and encourages unhealthy relationships. These are proven facts.in today’s society including myself reality TV has taken so much of our focus and attention and has impacted us in many ways.it has promoted our standards and behavior it has caused the increase of self-hate, crimes and bullying to increase higher than ever. Examining reality television is important to me because it distracts you from your own problems, degrade value, and encourage unhealthy relationships. We often are blinded and mislead by a thing that takes away our focus and attention. Reality TV helps you by distracting yourself in a way that you start escaping what’s really going on around you. Channels around the world are surfing which makes it increasingly difficult to avoid reality TV as a distraction. it helps you to stop worrying about a problem by turning your back on it. The feeling of feeling bored, angry and feeling depressed is procrastination. Distractions of reality TV is like a drug; they leave you craving for more. even worse, they make you feel apathetic. When you’re distracting yourself with reality TV, you’re taking away your attention from reality meaning you’re not really living. Our youth today are the ones that are mainly being degraded by value when dealing with reality TV.

Reality TV has become the top rating all over the world. it has impacted many people it has revealed worldly things and has influenced things that us as people are trying to prevent. things such as bullying, drama, and aggressiveness. Adults on these reality shows must realize the effect that their actions are leaving on younger people. Our youth are being exposed to things that other generations before them would have never been allowed to see. our standards for what is acceptable in society have lowered. the increase in bullying, self-esteem, crimes, violence, gangs, makeup, colored hair, and sexuality has improved drastically due to reality TV in my opinion. Many relationships are failing and becoming unhealthy due to the influence that reality TV has. the truth is that these reality TV shows are encouraging unacceptable behavior. They are praying on the minds of younger peoples. They are basically saying what you see is what you believe and what we do is acceptable. Reality tv is also ruining the lives of people in healthy relationships by having them living up to unrealistic expectations and promoting shows with unreal life events. People who watch these shows start to believe that these shows are real. it has an impact on how mates are supposed to treat each other, how you are supposed to live, and what you wear, how you suppose to act and what you should and shouldn’t tolerate. Giving these shows more attention then what’s important also cause a relationship to go downhill. Taking a break sometimes and finding something you both enjoy can restore what has been lost. In order to adequately analyze the effects on society that reality TV perpetuates, it is important to first examine and understand why and how reality TV came about.

Looking back on our history, we see economic recessions as the smoking gun to speak for creation. Reality TV provided producers with an easy and cheap way to continue turning into a huge profit. We then have must look at reality TV and what it means to society. Reality TV is no different than an advertisement in this sense, it more sinister in the way it preaches and creates certain imagery that becomes deeply ingrained within our culture. Reality TV has provided us with masses tools and techniques necessary for shaping and guiding individual’s in life in outward appearance as well as how it impacted failed relationships.

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