Ecological Problems in NC

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North Carolina is home to many ecological problems, such as Pfiesteria, Urban Development, Waste Lagoons, Invasive Species, Dutch Elm Disease, Acid Rain, and Beach Erosion. All these issues are harmful to not only the environment, but to people as well. Humans have one big problem that leads to ecological issues, which is pollution. One of the most environmental threatening issues is Acid Rain. This issue is caused by the burning of fossil fuels in the Industrial Industry, which causes lingering air pollution leading to the nutrients in the soil of North Carolina and on Mt. Mitchell deplete. Which infects forests, plants, and other living things.

Fishing is a big industry in North Carolina, but when waste lagoons and hog farms are present, North Carolina can’t fish in certain areas. One of the most Urban life threatening issues of North Carolina is Hog Farms and Waste Lagoons. Waste Lagoons are caused by pollution not being disposed of properly and getting into the runoff water. The runoff water goes into nearby ponds, lakes, rivers, and infects all life (fish) living in those areas, which means no fishing, which is one of North Carolina’s biggest money making businesses ($2 billion a year).

All these problems come from a similar source. The thing most of these issues come from is Humans. Us humans don’t take care of our area well enough to the point where these issues happen. Waste lagoons are because of humans, we don’t dispose our pollution correctly which causes them. Not all of them are from humans, but most, I would say are.

I think the most reasonable solutions to these problems are to regulate different health standards and just watch for them. Waste Lagoons and Hog Farms can be solved by disposing pollution correctly and changing Lagoons for fishing. Beach Erosion can be solved by bringing sand from “overgrown” beaches by truck and pouring the sand onto the eroded beach, another solution is to make sea walls, or Jetties along the shoreline. Urban Development can be solved by landscaping using native plants, so the environment can get back to where it started. These are the issues North Carolina currently struggles with. Issues can come out of nowhere so we have to be careful and take precautions to deal with those.

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