Status and Prospect of Virtual Reality

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As it known to us, the Virtual Reality (VR) technology is not a new topic any longer. But not long ago, a fantastic film called Ready Player One has caused hot discussion on VR technology again. The film tells a future story in 2045 that almost everyone is addicted to get into the virtual world by wearing VR equipment. In fact, many scientists believe that the scene of the movie may happen just several years later in the light of the rapid development of VR technology in recent years.

There is no doubt that a number of famous IT companies, such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, are positively developing the VR technology and hoping to win over other companies in that field. Thus, the VR technology makes progress rapidly. Nowadays, VR equipment has appeared in people’s life and given us a totally new fun.

However, there is a lot of controversy as well as the expectations of VR technology.

1. How to solve the problem of human’s movement?

As we can see, the VR equipment can give the users a strong feel that what they are seeing is reality. However, their bodies are still in the real world at the same time. Users may step to the unforeseen corner when following the scene of the virtual reality. The essential problem is that the VR equipment, which normally refer to the helmet or glasses, can not position the users and stop the movement when it may be dangerous. In that case, users can easily be tripped by something or be further hurt.

2. How to stop the addiction?

Thanks to the high-technology, humans can easily escape the real world to the virtual reality. It is a good way for leisure and recreation, which can truly relieve tension and stress and make us relaxed temporarily. In addition, the equipment can help alleviate loneliness for elderly people in the aging society. However, because of these advantages, it is easy to be addicted to the VR games and get bored with the real world for the users. It may further lead to the symptoms of social phobia to some users, such as be scared to make friends, communicate with family, study the knowledge and so on.

3. How to distinguish the real from the virtual

According to the study, the VR technology can make what we experience completely in line with the real. It is hard to distinguish the real from the virtual if the virtual reality is the some with the real. If so, we may find the VR makes us deranged in the future. Thus, what extent should the VR be real to make sure that we can distinguish the real from the virtual? The principle is that the experience should not influence our perception of the real world. More attention should be paid to the serious problem.

In conclusion, though the VR technology comes with a lot of controversy, it is truly a great progress of science. I believe that all the problems will be solved well and the VR technology will make the world totally different. Let us enjoy the fun!

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