The Discussion of Legalizing Marijuana in the US

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Growing up as a child, I remember very vividly of my parents warning me about marijuana and what it does to people. Normally as a child, it is hard to fully comprehend what you are being told, so you end up just sitting or standing there listening to what you are being told. I was told this my whole life and even right up until now people were still giving me their opinion on the topic. In any case, as I got more aware of marijuana and the world I understood that individuals would in any case use marijuana despite the risks; lung illness, birth defects, memory, etc. With all aspects being considered, I believe that marijuana should be legal for the simple fact that it has been used in the medical field and states have legalized it and has made a profit off of it in so little time. It has also been broadcasting worldwide. With the legalization of marijuana, we can open new job markets, pay back some of our debt from the tax revenues we will make back and even free/reduce the rate of people who are incarcerated to simple marijuana charges.

For instance, Cannabis has been made mainstream for years now and there have not been any conflicts about it. You can even find it in music videos, motion pictures, and even TV appearances. It is such a bad thing why does the government allow people to make music videos with marijuana unloved in it or even movies based on Marijuana. How can it be that Marijuana has turned out to be everywhere throughout the world but yet it is bad for us? The discussion to legitimize Marijuana in the United States of America has been battled constantly since the presence of it and its belongings. How is it that Marijuana has been verified to give an extremely positive effect on the American culture but yet is still an issue. How it that certain states can legalize it while other states see it as a problem?
This issue has been debated for years now and is still being debated. During the year 1995, California was one of the first states to ever legalize marijuana but only for medical purposes and made millions of it. Since then there have been 33 states that have legalized medical marijuana including ( Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts and ect…). The main issue here is, why hasn’t marijuana been legalized everywhere? Marijuana has been scientifically tested and proven to provide positive impacts to society for numerous reasons. For example, it helps with pain relief, depression, spasms, Glaucoma, Epileptic seizures, Dravet Syndrome, and a lot more benefits. If marijuana is so bad why is it being used in the medical field. How can this thing be so bad for people but yet doctors are using it to help people cope with pain after surgerys and other problems that they are going through. Why is the government allowing people to use it but making it seem as though it is a bad thing at the same time . These are all question we need to think about before we judge marijuana.

On another note, the quantity of arrests in 2016 for the use of marijuana was just about 1,572,579. Just think about it over a million people being arrested for something that is legal in several states now. In some of those cases most of the people did not even have a lot of marijuana on them to begin with. Just for weed, alone there were about 653,294 arrest made. That is near about half of arrest being made on cannabis. 84% of that was just based on people having marijuana on them. About 50 billion is spent yearly on the war on marijuana that could be spent somewhere else. The government itself is already in debt but yet find a way to waste 50 billion dollars fighting marijuana when they could be putting that money to better use like terrorism or even trying the get out of the debt that we are already in.

More amounts of tax revenue is something else that would take place. Colorado for example has a received an enormous amount of tax revenue because of marijuana sales. They received $135 million in the year of 2015 to be exact. By 2021, sales are expected to reach $20.1 billion. Some people may wonder why tax revenue is even important in the first place but it is actually very significant to the state more importantly. It is the main source of income for the state. Taxes are appropriate ways for financing the costs of public goods. The drastic amount of sales these states are receiving from marijuana sales are also helping to increase tax revenue. The more tax dollars received, the more global warming can be pushed back, poverty can be fought, and health and retirement security can be improved. Bottom line is, the more tax revenue, the better.

Maryjane should to be legitimized for both recreational and therapeutic use in light of the fact that the US economy can receive critical rewards from legitimization just as make a convergence of occupations and furthermore to decrease road and posse question identifying with pot. Likewise, cannabis ought to be legitimized in light of the fact that it has been managed an unjustifiable hand by society and is reasonably more secure than most realize that it will generally be. In the first place, cannabis ought to be authorized in the US for both recreational and restorative purposes on the grounds that there is a generous benefit that can be produced using it. By putting a duty on Marijuana, like what the Government has finished with different liquor and tobacco items, The US Government can utilize America's biggest money harvest further bolstering its good fortune.

Even though most people are for the legalization of marijuana there are some who disagree with my point of view.Some people believe that it is bad for you because it makes you lazy and it aslo messes with our brain cells as well as other defects that come with it. A recent northwestern university study found that marijuana users have abnormal brain cells and poor memory and chronic marijuana abuse may lead to brain changes resembling schizophrenia. The study also reported that the younger you start smoking the more problem shtta you have as you get older. Regular users are hit with devastating lung problems as much as 20 years earlier than smoker. Even small amounts of marijuana can cause temporary sterility and it has a terrible impact on the babies of women who smoke including “ birth defects, mental abnormalities and increased risk of leukemia in children.

Although there are many opinions regarding the legalization of marijuana, many can be disproven. An example is: “it is morally wrong to get high”. These people often time don’t realize morals vary for different people, even religions. Since there aren’t any standardized morals people should not enforce a one sided mindset, especially since no one besides themselves are being impacted. “Marijuana is addictive,” is a classic saying, though there is some truth to the saying. It is not addictive in the way it’s implied. Marijuana is not physically addictive in any way as are cigarettes; you can get addicted to marijuana in a way that you’d become addicted to food, sex, or anything else in life that makes you happy, for it is only psychologically addictive. There are some who claim marijuana is a gateway drug and should not be legalized for that reason, but if it was legalized it would be far less effective. Forced into an underground market to buy an illegal drug would unavoidable be considered a gateway to more illegal drugs. This can be prevent by simply legalizing marijuana or getting rid of the entire market of illegal drugs.

Marijuana is the only ‘medication’ that is smoked, and, while still incompletely understood, there are legitimate concerns about long-term effects of marijuana smoke on the lungs. Compared with cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke can result in three times the amount of inhaled tar and four times the amount of inhaled carbon-monoxide. Further, smoking marijuana has been shown to be a risk factor for lung cancer in many but not all studies.In some states, patients are permitted to grow their own marijuana. In addition to contributing to problems such as contamination and concentration as discussed above, this practice also invites drug diversion.

Some people may try to benefit of it own their own and sell home-grown marijuana at prices lower than dispensaries.
Even though some people may be good with the legalization of marijuana there are a lot of people that don't agree. For people who use marijuana and don't work out with it , it may cause some defects for their body. Smoking and not working out is a bad mix for people. It could lead to shortness of breath while while running or even lead to you feeling weak when you are trying if work out for the first time in weeks. There are also too many people being locked up on marijuana charges that is unnecessary.

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