The Basics of Marijuana 

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Marijuana is the new big drug which is causing teens and adults to spiral down into addiction. In 2016 more than 24 million americans were current marijuana users. Today there are many questions about weather marijuana is good or bad for the human body and that is just the beginning of it. Marijuana is a very complicated drug which can be used for good or if put in the wrong hands used for very pad purposes.

Marijuana can be a good choice of medicine for certain illnesses. Marijuana is mainly used to help ease the pain in cancer chemotherapy. It can also help glaucoma by relieving pressure in the eye which is the major problem in glaucoma. Sometimes people even use it to help with chronic pain. Even though marijuana may have some good healing properties it also has a lot of bad properties. One of these properties is that marijuana can cause trouble thinking and remembering. It also gives people bloodshot eyes. One of the worst is that it can cause slow coordination which can cause trouble driving and lead to many fatal car crashes when under the influence.

People do marijuana for many reasons but here are just a few. They may do marijuana because of peer pressure. Lots of people feel that they are forced to do it and they get addicted. Another main reason people do marijuana is that they think that it is harmless and fun. The new occurring reason people do marijuana is that they do it for medical purposes. Using marijuana for medical purposes may be good but many times people get addicted and start using the drug in a harmful way. In the ingredients of marijuana there are four hundred chemical compounds in weed there are also more than sixty special compounds.

Marijuana is often laced with heavy metals which are not good for people. Lastly, marijuana is also laced with funguses. Here are some ways to counter the negative effects of marijuana. Caffeine is a great way to block the trance-like state that marijuana causes the body to feel. The sun also can alter the effect of marijuana on the human body. Lastly, exercise is a great way to block that trance-like state that the weed causes the body to feel. Many states are still fighting the legalization of weed because they don’t want to make weed easy to obtain and then have it be abused. They also still do not think that marijuana is a reliable source for medical purposes. They believe that it is terrible for the human body and should not be legalized. Lastly, they think that the weed will cause more crime in the states and more of an increase in tax revenue.

Marijuana has many effects on teens here are just a few of them. Marijuana can cause teens to suffer from memory loss and a loss of concentration. Marijuana can also turn into a gateway drug which may cause teens to use other drugs or alcohol. One of the biggest problems is that teens may get into more car accidents because of driving under the influence. If marijuana were to be legalized it would have a massive impact on law enforcement.

Some people say that legalizing marijuana will increase tax revenue and decrease crime but the majority of law enforcement say that it will decrease tax revenue and increase crime. They also state that if they legalize marijuana it will result in more OWI’s (Operating Under The Influence.)

The last problem is that law enforcement will have a lack of reliable field tests for people who are using the drug. Marijuana is a drug which has many healing properties and many bad properties for the human body. It can be can be used for good but it also has some very bad properties which can really hurt the human body. Marijuana is a very popular drug which can either be used for the better or worse of the human race.

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