A Discussion on the Issue of Legalization of Marijuana in the United States

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The legalization of marijuana has become a very important issue in today's world. Even former US President Bill Clinton stated in Congress.He had experimented with marijuana in his younger years. The way people use drugs these days isn't as it used to be. Now certain drugs, such as marijuana, are being used on a daily basis. I believe that the legalization of marijuana will lead to fewer addiction problems. My purpose is to persuade the audience of the merits of legalization. My thesis is that if we legalize marijuana, the need for it will go down because it will now be something people can get over the counter instead of illegally, which makes people get an even bigger rush knowing they're doing something wrong.

Now you may ask, "What is the problem with the legalization of marijuana?" If marijuana is legalized, many people will abuse it just like now. They abuse alcohol and become alcoholics, and they may even one day die because of related problems. Being a marijuana user may cause you to do other drugs not only because you're already using drugs that stimulate the mind, but because just being around marijuana will lead you to use other drugs because you will be around other drugs and why not try them? Marijuana has many health problems it can bring to you. Which are pretty harmful or even deadly in some cases: it can make you lose certain points of your memory. Cancer, emphysema, and plenty of others after a long period of use.

Also, the problems it will bring to the constitution or to correctional centers will have a huge impact, because all the people who are in correctional centers for having possession or any other crime that is related to marijuana will now have a door out to freedom again. I personally believe that none of these people want to be in jail, and they are going to try to get out one way or another, and with this law making marijuana legal, they will now have a door out to freedom again.

But like every problem, there is a solution, and I believe that marijuana legalization is not a problem but a great solution for everyone in this country. With the legalization of marijuana, there will not be less drug dealing. The abuse of marijuana cannot be stopped just like we cannot stop people from becoming alcoholics or even something smaller like stopping people from gambling because, to this date, it is legal and people are already abusing it, and there is no difference with marijuana; people have been abusing it since it became known, and it is something we cannot stop because we cannot stop people from doing their own will.

Marijuana is not only a mind stimulant that gets you "high," but it also has many beneficial health reactions, such as helping people get rid of pain that not even pain relievers would be able to relieve and helping them think straight at times when they are all stressed out. And I truly believe that marijuana is not a gateway drug because you aren't going to use other drugs because you're a user of marijuana but because you want to. There are people who use marijuana but don't like to drink, smoke cigarettes, or do any other legal drug. If you're going to do any other drug other than marijuana, it's because you chose to, so you can't blame it on marijuana. Legally, marijuana wouldn't be the cause of people getting out of prison; it would be their right to be free if they were convicted for marijuana cases, and fewer people in correctional centers means less taxes to people because there would be fewer people incarcerated for these crimes.

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