The Pro-Choice Movement

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The Pro-Choice movement is a movement of supposedly putting a woman’s needs first. Pro-Life activists believe that we are not God. It is a belief in love, integrity, humility, the things which are given to us by God to behold or dismiss. Regardless of political complications abortion is a spiritual subject because of the murder in an office. Jesus said in the Gospels, “”If you do not become like a child, you will not enter the kingdom of God.”” That childlike sensibility we can’t have forever in this world is granted to us through a divine grace in Christ. To fight for a life is to fight for Jesus, to fight for a life is baring your cross. Pro-Life isn’t just a movement for life but a movement for the ultimate change of our views as a society, and not to cover up the darkness but have the light of Christ still be known.

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“The Pro-Choice Movement”

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The will of our Creator is mysterious and uncomprehend able. He can make excruciating suffering and pain the reason for eternity in paradise. The contrast in the portrait of the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus from darkness to light is a steadfast example of God’s love that he offers us the ones who killed him. To trust in God with your life in his hands is to bare your cross, make your difference, and endure your trial. When it is too hard to stand against the force of evil we can look to Jesus’ sacrifice for us sinners.

You will go through pain in this this world and it’s not a matter of why it’s a matter of when. If you are able to see the blessing in disguise you will be able to provide the unselfish love we ever so need to further God’s glory and fight for those children who are not forgotten by God. Even people who are completely devoid of spiritual exercise fight for life with Euthanasia, or the practice of poisoning elderly in life support or in critical condition. The reason why I mention this is because one might fight to be “”Pro-Life”” but doesn’t believe that life starts at the moment of conception. This is very controversial and many arguments can be made, but the bottom line is we are not God it is not man’s decision to decide whether life does or doesn’t start at the moment of conception. The comparison of euthanasia and abortion is very similar. Death of vulnerable human beings made in God’s image caused by other human beings ranging from a second life entrusted in a mother to a life entrusted to a hospital. I have a dream to strive together as a nation, as a community, as a church in unity to fight the evil of murder in an office and reform our standards for democracy entrusting in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

What better example are we really offered to follow to lead a sacrificial life than Jesus Christ? He is and will forever be the alpha and the omega. No matter how far we stray from the flock, the Son of God will leave the ninety-nine and rejoice in the salvation of the strayed. These fundamental ideas recorded through the bible are the pivotal views that keep the believers with a burning image our Father’s unconditional love for us displayed through the crucifix. Kill your baby today and you will not only remember it tomorrow but for a lifetime. God the creator of the stars at night and the colors among dusk gave us his only Son to save us from eternal pain and offer us eternal life.

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