Transcendentalism – very Important Movement

It developed around the early 19 century in New England. It served as a protest to spirituality. This movement wanted to show the states how every single person had a spirit and a soul. Scholars would regularly hold meetings to discuss spirituality ideas in secret. Their are also numeros novels about transcendentalism. One for example is ,¨Little Women¨ by, Louisa May Alcott.

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“Transcendentalism – very Important Movement”

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To begin, Transcendentalism is a philosophical movement based on spiritual beliefs. The people who believed in transcendentalism believe that everyone had a spirit and a soul that was pure. They believed that jesus was not superior to god but was to humans. They were dissatisfied with the unitarianism. This caused a battle between the younger generation and older generation.

My movement existed in order for humans to feel self worth and self gratitude. The transcendentalism movement simply wanted for people to have a better life and see everything to the fullest. With meditation and spirituality one may accomplish peace.If my movement had not existed we the people may not have a lot of rights we have today.

They had noble goals and did nobel deeds. For example they wanted better pay and better conditions for workers. Along with free religion, education innovation, and other humanitarian needs. The people who believed in transcendentalism only wanted a better world for humans. A better government and a better environment to live life.

Furthermore their state of mind is far above others. They think about innovations and exploration instead of common sense and opinions. Limitations like time does not seem to phase this moment. They believed they could have accomplished various things. In other words they believed in human beliefs and human rights.

The quality of the novel and works of the authors from the transcendentalism movement are rich. Their works gave us compassion and self worth. Their novels gave the world life. It gave life meaning. It also gave the world to use that life to the fullest.

Walt Whitman way san inspirational author. His book,¨Leaves of Grass¨ is very inspirational. It is exactly what the transcendentalist movement was aiming for. It is a book that shows the reader life and how you may enjoy it with self worth. Another author is Ralph Waldo. His book of,¨”Nature¨ explains to us the foundation of transcendentalism and the beauty of nature. It explains the appreciation of nature that the trancsedletism movement has.

That was just two of the many authors from the transcendentalism movement.

The trancsedetlism movment povided the world with amazing authors and incredible beliefs. I believe that this movement is just as important as any other movement. They provided us with ideas and innovations of laws, education, and human rights.

As a result, trancedeltism was movement that started around the early 19 hundreds and was lead by various talented scholars and authors. They lead this moment with idealistic and noble goals. The movement was done for the good of the people. What was left after was possibly even greater than the movement. The knowledge we gained and the novels and poem we have in our possession is outstanding. This movement has taught the world about self worth, nature appreciation, and spirituality.

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