1960 Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement helped African Americans and it helped them to gain equality in the U.S.. Robert F. Kennedy was a very important character in the 1960’s, that took a stand for the Civil Rights Movement. Robert F. Kennedy was born November 20, 1925 in Brookline Massachusetts. Robert had eight siblings. His siblings were John Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy, Rosemary Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy, Jean Kennedy, Patricia Kennedy, and Joseph Kennedy. Roberts parents were Joseph and Rose Kennedy. Roberts spouse was Ethal Kenndy. Robert had 11 children. They were Robert Kennedy jr., Kerry Kennedy, Rory Kennedy, David Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy, Courtney Kennedy, Max Kennedy, Douglas Kennedy, and Christopher Kennedy. Robert Kennedy Attended The University of Harvard, Milton Academy, The University of Virginia, Virginia Law school, Bates College, and Portsmouth Abby school. Roberts professions were a lawyer, politician, writer, and military officer.

Robert Kennedy stood up against segregation. He did not like the way people were being treated. When Robert was in college him and his buddies were about to play a national football game. The owners of the stadium would not let an African American football player in the stadium. So Robert and his buddies refused to play in the game because they would not let the African American football player in the stadium. Robert also sought to remedy the problems of poverty through legislation to encourage private industry to locate in poverty stricken areas, thus creating jobs for the unemployed, and stressed the importance of work over welfare. Robert F.

Kennedy got most of his ideas from his older brother John F. Kennedy. JFK and Robert worked together to fight segregation. Robert worked with his brother JFK, Lyndon B. Johnson, on the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, which outlawed racial discrimination in voting, employment and public facilites. In the fall of 1962, Robert sent thousands of troops to Oxford, Mississippi, to enforce a US Supreme Court oder admitting the first African American student, James Meredith, to the University of Mississippi. He also worked with Cesar Chavez and Martain Luther King. Dr. Martain Luther King, was in an Atlanta jail, held on false charge and liable to be sent away for four months. Robert had been against making the call, but then he took the next step himself. He called the judge and found an arange for Dr. King’s realease on bail.

Robert F. Kennedy was shot June 6, 1968. He died at Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles, CA that night. A Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan shot Robert with a .22 caliber Iver-Johnson Cadet revolver. Robert F. Kennedy’s death was a tragedy. Robert inspired lots of people. If Robert F. Kennedy was still alive people would not judge other people like they do now. Everyone would have equal amounts of respect. As Robert once said “Few will have greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to cahnge a small portion of events.” Robert F. Kennedy was a brave man, that took a stand for the Civil Rights Movement. Robert was a true hero he helped millions of people. The 1960’s was a hard time for everyone. One movement that helped people was the Civil Rights Movement. When people took a stand it greatly helped. 

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