Personal Statement during my Life at University

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During the course of my studies as a law student on a two years intensive degree in The University of Northampton, UK, i was able to develop my Research skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills and my time manangement in meeting up with the deadline for my course work. Some of my course work which were real life scenarios enabled me to develop my research skills, problem solving skills and my decision making skills by using the facts of the case infront of me to arrive at a reasonable decision.

Writing a final year dissertation in Law School was very challenging as it requires me as a law student to develop my research skill which is an integral part of my studies. My research topic was 'Could the lay magistrates be replaced with the judges'. Which discusses on one of the important topics that has always been debated on the English legal system. i built up my independent information retrieval, learned how to identify when and what kind of information i needed as well as its processing.

Finding some articles, jorurnals and case studies which had some important decisions and recommendations that was similar to my dissertation topic were very challenging as they were also very important towards writing my disseration. i could not deny the fact that at some point the bunk of the research made me feel overwhelmed because at first it seemed difficult for my to find the exact cases, journals, textbooks that i needed. However, i never allowed that to hinder me from develpoing my research skills and learning experience, but rather i underwent a training for finding the exact materials that i needed which was Lexis training. The research skills that i developed and the training helped me to understand what i was researching about and to write my dissertations susccessfully with less supervision.

I worked as a Correctional Officer with Corecivic for three months before i was promoted as a Case Manager over a Pod in charge of 179 inmates. Being part of the Unit Team has given me the chance to experience the position of being a leader, at the same time being a good team player by supporting my collagues when they are behind their papaerwork. Supervising over 179 inmates and assiting them with their reclassification, getting in contact with their attorneys, Doing their Strong R when they are ready to be paroled, contacting the halfway houses for their release.

I have been able to acquire the essential qualities of being an honest leader by being firm, fair and consistence in all my dealings with the inmates. I develop the leadership traits of being more patience, being a good listener when the inmates are having some challenges especailly the ones with mental issues, the ones that are new to prison that always fall victims to the aggressors. Even though i have developed some of my leadaership skills, i still have more skills to learn to become a better leader as i progress in my career. I was also opportuned to teach the inmates the Congnative Behaviour Intervention Program for the inmates as was required by the States of Tennessee for all inmates. I have never thought any class or lecture anybody before, but during the course of the class i was able to develop my leadership, Confidence, communication and mentorship skill which is going to assist me during my studies as a graduate student.

Coming from a family where my parents were not opportuned to complete their high school, my parents have always advised my siblings and I to endavour and make the best out of life by acquiring new knowledge and developing ourselves through studies. That advise had always been my motivation to develop myself. i would not be who i am today without the advice of my parents as they reflect what i aspire for. Just like my parents advised me, with dedication and strenght of mind, i put forward solid values that will enable me to handle my goals and activities through the road of success. i consider myself as a hradworking and ambitious person, which is why, i have never being afraid to take up seemingly difficult tasks. My decision to go for my master's in computer science after a law degree has been one of immense decision which i know comes with lots of challenges. However, i consider my hardworking and ambitious nature to be the gretest strenght that would enable to be successful throughout the course of my studies. 

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