The Importance of Equality in Ayn Rand’s Anthem

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Ayn Rand had a lot of theme words and out of all of the theme's I picked individual because it goes more with the theme and it explained the theme more than the other ones do.she had a lot of individual things in the book like equality left and created an invention.The author went through a lot when she was writing the book.she was going through a hard time in her life because of what was going on in the world in her times. So she stopped writing one book to start to write anthem and in the book anthem she wrote what she went through but different characters and how it was for him.Historical background that went down in ayn rand life that she went through the ascendancy of collectivism across the globe not just only in communist Russia,but also Italy and nazi Germany.Also the great depression was going on to in the world.She might of had a hard life and didn’t like it but she became a really big person and made her dreams come true by not giving up and moving forward with her life and showing people how it was and how felt.

In the book anthem she uses this quote “We had broken so many laws, and today we have broken one more. Today, we spoke to the golden on”.[rand 42] she’s talking about how equality 7-2521 has broken some laws and how he broke it again and it shows how he did it by himself and how he wasnt that scared about it.Him and another guy were talking and he said how he has broken laws and how today he broke another one.He used it because he shows his readers that equality is different from the others and he’s not scared if he broke a law he’s even telling one

of his brothers. It proving the theme because he’s showing that he broke all those laws by himself and he doesn't care what others think or what they say but he also got the consequence for it.

Throughout the book she talks about creation and what equality created and what he’s gonna do with his creation she also uses this quote “We made it,we created it.We brought it forth from the night of the ages[rand 59]”. Which In the story they were talking about how he created a light bulb and how he was happy because what he created and he was happy about it.He used these terms to say he has created a new thing and he felt accomplished because he did it by himself without the council getting mad at him and his brother It proves the theme because he worked on it by himself without nobodies help but him.This is another quote that goes with the theme and it explains it well.

Here the last quote that Ayn Rand used in her book anthem.she used it for evidence to say he created it by himself and nobody else.”We,equality 7-2521,Have discovered a new power of nature.And we have discovered it alone,and we are alone to know it.[rand 52]”

In this part he’s telling the people that he has discovered a new item and that he created it by himself and only himself.He used it to show evidence that he actually used created it by himself and nobody helped and he didn’t even know he created but he still created it with nobody’s helpIt proves the theme because it shows he finally did something by himself and he wasn't scared to show he did something for himself and nobody around him to tell him what to do.This final quote also shows why individual is the theme of the story.

Even though she had a hard life she made it through it and never gave up and headed forward even tho it was hard.I chose these examples because this theme was shown a lot in the book and my details are good evidence to show how an individual is a great theme and to write about because though they did talk about about working together someone still did a lot by themselves and didn’t need people help that often.We read this because it shows that you don’t always have to depend on other people and use their ideas because ou can do it by yourself and still be successful in life and won’t feel unaccomplished.Now you know that you can do many things by yourself and don’t always need people to help you out but it would be nice but it also shows that you can come up with things even though people don’t support you or don’t agree with it.

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