Animal Farm: Freedom and Equality

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George Orwell's Animal Farm is written about how actions can give a bad idea of freedom and equality. The animals on the farm were inspired by what Old Major had told them before he died. The animals dreamed about being free but after the rebellion, they ended up being completely obedient to the new leader Napoleon. Napoleon the boar and Boxer the horse were most significant in the loss of freedom and equality in the novel.

Napoleon was a big Berkshire boar. He was the leader of the farm after Old Major. After the rebellion, the pigs became superior. At a point in the novel, Snowball(a pig who wanted to be leader) had threatened Napoleons plans for control so Napoleon had his army of dogs who protect and obey his orders and chase Snowball out of the farm.

This is now when Napoleon would become leader of the farm. Napoleon wanted to help better his image so he uses Squealer the pig to spread and promote Napoleon's ideas, image and spread lies. Now with Snowball no longer in the farm, Napoleon had began to overuse or abuse his power as leader and make life harder for the other animals. Squealer once again convinces the animals of something that is not true. He convinces the animals about the windmill was Napoleons idea from the start but it was really Snowballs idea. He does all this just to help better his image. The texts states, The others said of squealer that he could turn black to white (Pg 16). This means that Squealer was really good at persuading. So the animals easily believe what they are being told about Napoleon.

Overall, Napoleon was a bad leader. He used his dogs to intimidate and strike fear into the other animals on the farm. He overworked the animals on the farm and did not equally distribute food among the animals. He gave the pigs more. He slept on silk sheets and moved into the house. He did no work. He did nothing but try to better his image. Napoleon contributed greatly to the loss of freedom and equality on the animal farm.

Now we move on to Boxer. Boxer was a strong, large horse.. Boxer contributes to the loss of freedom and equality by indulging in anything of Napoleon without viewing them as bad things.. George Orwell, had described Boxer as one of the most faithful disciples of the pigs. (pg 37) Boxer was very hardworking. After the rebellion, he worked even harder then before. I believe Boxer is brainwashed by Napoleon because even when Napoleon was to do something bad , Boxer always thought he was right. An example would be when Napoleon abolished Sunday debates, Boxer's only reaction was, Napoleon is always right (Pg70). Boxer never doubted Napoleons ideas and decisions. Boxer did not set a good example on the other animals. Boxer had a good chance to make thing right but let Napoleon's image get the better of him. Boxer was foolish just like the other animals who followed Napoleon. In the end, Boxer became ill and Squealer informs everyone that Napoleon has sent for the veterinarian to treat him but Boxer is really being sent to a knacker to be killed. It is sad that after all of Boxers loyalty and hard work, his reward is death.

Therefore, both Napoleon the leader and Boxer the follower, contributed to the loss of freedom and equality in the novel. The first is Napoleon who only tries to gain benefit for himself as possible and then there's Boxer who failed to see that Napoleon did not make to right decisions.

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