Truman Capote Adds Apart

There is a thousand to a million dollars being spent to put someone on the death penalty and to see it out. Truman Capote is against the death penalty you can tell on how he writes about it. I agree with Truman Capote, to be against the death penalty. Truman Capote does not really say whether he is against or for the death penalty but the way he writes the story and talks about the death penalty you can tell he does not agree with it at all.

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“Truman Capote Adds Apart”

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Truman Capote adds apart of what one of the lawyers says the judge, I do not desire to serve, he told the judge. But if the court sees fit to appoint me, then of course I have no choice. Truman wanted the readers to see the lawyers did not really want to be Perry’s and Dick’s lawyers. It is also showing it was a unfair trial, to begin with because the lawyers did not even want to be there serving Perry and Dick. Truman is showing that even though they may be guilty they are still not getting the best work from their lawyers to help keep them off death row. One reason I disagree with the death penalty is that it is technically going against the eighth amendment which talks about how there should be no cruel or unusual punishments.

Yes, the Supreme Court said the death penalty does not fall under that but only for certain cases it could, but when you think about killing someone for a crime kind of sounds like a cruel or unusual punishment. Would it not just be better for someone to just stay in jail or prison till they die naturally, because killing them is just taking them out of their misery of being in a cell for the rest of their life. By letting them stay alive and stay in prison or jail their whole life they will be thinking about how wrong the thing they did was and how they want out but they can not get it. Killing them is just mostly helping the person who committed the crime get away from their problems. The second reason I disagree with the death penalty is that sometimes the wrong person can be killed.

It happens a lot a person is said to be guilty of a crime they did not commit. They could get put on death row for something they did not even do. So they are killing a innocent person sometimes which is why they should get rid of the death penalty and just let them be a jail cell the rest of their life because when someone goes over the case again and sees that the person they claimed was guilty is actually not guilty, not can just simply let them free.

Which if the person was put on death row, by the time someone does review the case again and sees they are innocent they can not help that person because the person has already been killed. In summary, Truman Capote does not agree with the death penalty, which he is right too. There are many reasons to get rid of the death penalty like, the money it costs and the innocent lives that are killed because of it.

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