Theodore Roosevelt Jr.: President of the United States of America

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Theodore Roosevelt Jr.[1] served as the 26th President of the United States of America; he was born on October 27th, 1858 in New York City. He belongs to the Republican Party and at the age of 42, he became the youngest president of the country's history. After the assassination of the President William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt was sworn into the office. He was known to lead the country to progressive reforms and held a strong foreign policy. Mr. Roosevelt brought new kind of excitement and power to the Presidency and was one of the most popular Presidents in the country's history. He is known to be a man of action and was credited with greatly broadening the use of executive powers of his office. Mr. Roosevelt views that the President must act as a steward of the people and the President must take all necessary action that is in public interest.

Mr. Roosevelt was born into a wealthy family, he faced lot of health issues since his childhood, and his triumph as a president and as a great personality advocates the greatness of a humble being despite his strenuous life. He faced some tough times in his adulthood including the death of his mother and his wife on the same day in 1884. After that incident, he spent a reclusive life in Badlands in Dakota for two years driving cattle and living a solitary life. He married for the second time in 1886 in London to Edith Carew.

Before becoming the President of the United States, Roosevelt also served in the armed forces, he was lieutenant colonel in the Spanish-American War, and he was known to be one of the most conspicuous war heroes. After his stint with the army, Roosevelt entered politics and became the Republican candidate for Governor in 1898. He successfully won the election and became the 33rd Governor of the New York State. After leading a life of gratitude and humbleness, Theodore Roosevelt died on January 5th, 1919 at the age of 60.

Roosevelt's[2] progressive polices in New York made him unpopular among some influential circles in the Republican Party, and as such they made him Vice President in McKinley's Presidency, which is essentially considered as a voiceless position. However, after the death of William McKinley, Roosevelt at the age of 42 became the youngest and 26th President of the United States. Theodore Roosevelt is popularly known as Teddy Roosevelt. He served as the President of the USA from 1901 to 1909. He had a charismatic personality and his presidency is distinguished by his dedication to country and his futuristic thinking. He was equally popular among the rich and poor of the country and was known to introduce modern reforms in the country; in fact, he was known to be the first modern president of the USA.

He was actively involved in politics since 1880s and as part of his political career; he initiated massive public relations programs. He represented America as a great military and soft power at the world stage. Apart from being credited with many firsts to his name, he was also deemed to be the first environmentalist president. He signed the National Monuments Act in 1906, which gave constitutional authority and duty to preserve national monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and forests. During his presidency, the country has grown very fast in every sphere and the country's infrastructure both urban and rural grew stupendously.

Apart from politics, Roosevelt was also an avid explorer; he enjoys travelling and has visited Europe and Middle East with his family in his young age. He spent some part of his later years vacationing in Africa. There he spent collecting specimens, giving lectures and travelling across Africa. Roosevelt was not happy with the presidency of William Taft and his inefficiency in enforcing progressive policies, and this had made him to try for another run for the presidency.

Theodore Roosevelt[3] was also very good at academics, at the age of 18; he entered Harvard College and spent next four years studying at the college. Throughout his academic life, he excelled in studies and sports. After finishing his studies, he spent next one year studying in Germany and after that he returned to his country and entered into politics immediately. His first official position was as the member of Assembly of New York, there he established himself as a progressive thinker and an ardent reformer. After becoming the President, Roosevelt took an initiative for opening of the International Court of Arbitration at The Hague in 1902. Even though the organization was established in 1899, it did not perform to its established roles and responsibilities. Roosevelt played a major role in sorting out the differences between the US and Mexico at The Hague Tribunal, thereby setting an example at the world stage.

In fact, Mr. Roosevelt played an important role in world politics, he used his influence to get other countries to sort their differences across the western hemisphere at the Tribunal. Theodore Roosevelt was truly an international statesman. In 1904, both Japan and Russia were engaged in hostilities, and Roosevelt played a major role in sorting the conflict. He played as a mediator through his offices between Russia and Japan to sort out their differences. Eventually he succeeded in signing of a peace treaty between Japan and Russia in 1905 and for which he was conferred Nobel Prize for peace in 1906.

Roosevelt is remembered as America's most famous Presidents and his legacy is often remembered for his role in changing the country's political system by permanently placing the White House as the center stage for national and international politics. Today he is remembered as the country's architect of modern presidency and as a man of great wisdom and a progressive reformer which has enabled America as one of the world's great super power.

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