The First Amendment how Important is It?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without amendments, will it impact our lives not being able to own a gun, practice our own religion, or having our own leader abuse his power? According to the bill of rights, the First Amendment protects our right to freedom of, religion, assembly, press, petition, and speech. In other countries such as North Korea, China, and Iran; citizens do not have freedom of religion, press, and freedom guaranteed to them. Therefore, the First Amendment is extremely important, especially religion, speech, and press. As stated above, other countries do not protect freedom of religion. One of these countries is, Iran. Iran is a Muslim nation that is guided by Islamic law, and its leaders must adhere to Islamic teachings. The leader of Iran is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. According to an article by Patrick Mckenna for Worst countries for restrictions on religious freedom it states, Despite Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians Being recognized as protected minorities, the government has consistently discriminated against its citizens on the basis of religion. Killings, arrests, and physical abuse of detainees have increased in the past years, including for religious minorities and Muslims who are perceived as threatening the government’s legitimacy. Iran is one of the worst countries that have restrictions on religious beliefs. What this means is that poor religious freedom in Iran continued and worsened in 2014. The government basically censors there religion practices for minority groups such as Baha is, Christians converts, and Sunni Muslims. Other countries restrict freedom of speech, such as China. Modern-day China, more than almost any other country in the world, severely restricts its citizens’ freedom of speech and expression. China has a tightly controlled traditional media, China forces all published information to be from official sources and to be vetted through the states. Internet use in Chinna is blossoming. As of 2004 over 94 million users were online and in 2007 the China Internet Network Information Center, considered the premier source for measuring Chinese internet use, pegged the number of Chinese users at 210 million. This number will keep growing only in the foreseeable future, with the booming mobile market. If it keeps growing, it was estimated to hit 600 million by 2010. Based on what I read, This internet usage boom presents a variety of new challenges to a government adept at censoring traditional media types. The internet is much more vast than the physical realm controlled by China. It is not susceptible to the traditional local control structure relying on dedicated neighborhood party leaders to enforce edicts from the centralized government. Meaning, money, and access to printing machinery are no longer an issue for their era, it would be harder for China to control everything so that people’s opinions can’t be shared. Finally, some countries censor the freedom of the press. The press is basically the news and, newspapers. This is very important so that the world can know what’s going on in their country. But, some countries don’t allow this. One is North Korea. The leader of North Korea in 2018 is Kim Jong Un. According to Reporters without borders, it states that North Korea is the worst when having freedom of the press. They make sure that no one has access by, controlling their internet. Based on what I read, North Koreans can still be sent to a concentration camp for viewing, reading or listening to content provided by a media outlet based outside the country. This means that the rules of North Korea, are very strict. North Koreans get phones, well some but it is controlled by the government, so is their news. Some schools and state institutes have access to a tightly controlled intranet called Kwangmyong. North Korea’s 12 main newspapers, 2-periodicals. And broadcasters come from the official Korean Central News Agency. In conclusion, the rights from the First Amendment aren’t promised for everyone, such as freedom of religion by Iran, killings and arrests happen because of religious minorities, freedom of speech by China, controlling the community by making sure the truth doesn’t get out, and freedom of press from North Korea, making sure the only news company out there is controlled by the government.

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“The First Amendment how Important is It?”

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