The Disney Scoping Report

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Managing Risk

The safety of people is at hand the most of priority , although it’s rare that a occurrence happens at a theme park even if it did happen it will be headlines all over the news (pinkerton,2016),Safety is the number one priority for all major co operations , if people aren’t safe then there is no point of it been opened or replacing/adding new attractions, even though if a occurrence did occur tourists will hear about it, and decide not to go due to the fact that they scared for their families health and safe-ty, which then will have a bad review of Disneyland ,it then decreases the income of Disney be-cause people aren’t attending. There are heaps of risk factors that can happen during an expansion in Disneyland Dubai ,however Dubai is known for heated/humid weather, A solution to fix this situation is to give free water bot-tles to the tourists/customers when they are walking around or waiting in line for a specific ride ,although they should have waiting rooms which should be air conditioned for each group that goes to the ride at a time, this can reduce people to not feel sick and overwhelmed, even though they should give free water bottles ,there should be water taps all around the theme park, and to put a section just based on water slides, not only is it fun for the young kids but adults can also enjoy without getting a heat stroke or feeling sick. 

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“The Disney Scoping Report”

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Another risk is Loss of tourists/customers ,as renova-tions will be under way and there will be a risk to the funds as people aren’t going to Disneyland due to the fact that it’s still not fully completed ,why would they want to pay for a theme park that’s still under construction. Even though time may not seem a risk it can easily effect everything due to the fact that as the theme park will trying speed up the process of renovation therefore many things can go wrong when the theme park is reopen, therefore to prevent a accident from occurring is to hire a few safety inspectors to look and approve of each and single ride,if they don’t have an in-spection and a major accident happens ,most likely people will hear about this and would easily change there mind on going to Disneyland ,which will give a bad reputation which they don’t want to have. Crime rates in Dubai are extremely low it’s roughly around 18.27(Numbeo 2016) but even though it’s a low percentage there are a few people that are going to break the rules ,no matter what country you go to ,there are still people that are going to make the wrong decision ,to make Disneyland more safe is to hire a fair amount of security guards due to the fact that someone has been assaulted or mugged they can straight away report the incident and the security guards can follow it up,another suggestion is each section of Disneyland there should be locker rooms with a code or key to access the locker it would help the tourists items be protected. However another risk is fur-ther renovations to fix faulty rides which will hinder payments on other important priorities such as a maintenance of rides and staff.

There are numerous ways to expand on a theme park especially when it’s Disneyland, it’s known as the “Happiest Place on Earth”(Todayifoundout ,2016),However transport in Dubai, it was stated that in 2007 it was one of the worlds dangerous freeway systems( 2011),to improve , is to have public transport that drops off the tourists/customers right in front of Disneyland to get there quicker and safer or free bus rides to the location, this will increase traffic flow and would have more car park space at the venue. Every theme park has it’s different packaging for prices ,although VIP passes could be a bit over priced, They should make the ‘Fastpass’ more affordable ,it’s a stand-by line at a particular attraction (themeparkinsider,2013) basically you show your ticket instead of waiting in line for hours you just show the specific ticket and they let you in , no need to wait in line for hours. Expanding a theme park could make a lot of difference to it ,such as adding sections to the theme park an e.g. is: Stars Wars is having its particular themed lands at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida (nbcnews ,2015),this could increase the number of tourists due to the fact that it’s some-thing unique , although the more attractions you have in a theme park the shorter the lines will be-come at each ride.

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