Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery

They say one reason teenagers should get cosmetic surgery is that people can be so cruel whether intentionally or not. An example is, back when I was in high school I was in the hallway with my friend by the locker. Theres a girl next to us putting her books away in her own locker just then someone blurted out to her, Gee, did you see her nose? while passing by when she had turned around. I had went up to her and told he to ignore it, but she just ran from me and headed to the bathroom. In like maybe a month it was almost Christmas I had recently seen her and she looked so different. She had gotten her nose done, a nose job. She looks happy in the hallways and her head held high.

They say cosmetic surgeries should be able to be done with teens because they will feel better about them self. However, willing to get a nose job or any other cosmetic surgeries come with risks and expenses. It comes with many risks while getting it done, anesthesia risk infection, poor wound healing or scarring, permanent nerve damage, difficulty breathing and also skin discoloration and swelling. Her nose is still growing we are only fourteen, for her nose to be growing after she have gotten it done will be affecting her in the future. On top of that its expensive, why put you self in debt over one remark of a teenager. We all got flaws. A nose job cost thousands pf money and insurance don’t cover it, it all comes out your own pocket. Just the nose job cost 4,694 without any of the anthesis or the operating facilities.

With adding that it will range up to 5,000 to 10,000 for a nose job that you want over someone rude comment. Teenagers are here to grow and develop, everyone got their own flaws. Don’t nobody need to be putting their self in risk as well in debt too or your own mom. Next thing you know were in our senior year in high school, she became homeschooled because her nose started to get droopy. Medical doctor Phillp S. Schoenfeld said, as we age the support structures of the nose that provides the nose with shape and stability will stretch, elongate and weaken. The nose loses its shape and that’s when the tip droops. Our nose develops over time, so causing to get rhinoplasty can cause you to have difficulties in the future.

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