Team Building in Telecom Company

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Team building in Telecom Company is a development strategy that focuses on the organization’s potential in improving employees’ attitude, perceptions, and behaviors. Consequently, the organizations effective running leads to the coordinated efforts to reach a better goal of the organization (Hughes, 2015). Therefore, the employees will work for the survival of the business with their ability to retain customers. With the better products, better delivery methods and building a satisfactory customer relationship, Telecom Company will be successful.

Telecom Company needs to become more intelligent in solving the simultaneous challenges they encounter daily. As a result, there is a need to operate as a system where the employees work in a system of roles and defined outcomes. Telecom Company, therefore, has to establish the team decision system that interconnects and coordinates the working of the organization. Teamwork environment fosters the organization's new ways of thinking hence supporting the organization in achieving its goals.

Although organizations seeking to transform their operations overlook important change agents, Telecom Company has to handpick leaders that are able to implement processes, train employees and act as role models in the change program. As a result, a successful change agent in team building requires clearly defined roles, skills, and experience that communicate and inspire the support for the managers (Arrata, Despierre, & Kumra, 2007). Telecom’s ability to learn and apply its knowledge in solving problems at hand requires the sustainable teamwork of the employees. Building a team in the organization ensures the implementation of the organization's goals through considerate communication hence quality management.

The concept of team building in Telecom Company forms the social organizational management that is seen to replace the traditional system of management. Team building utilizes the facilitator hence enhances communication skills in the organization. Also, the facilitator is able to coordinate activities hence the organization is able to clarify the team’s purpose in achieving the organizational goals. Consequently, an open line of communication is created hence the role of the facilitator in the team is highlighted. For a successful management team in the Telecom Company, a team building strategy should be adopted. Telecom should identify the objectives of its new management team that is capable to meet its goals. A winning team requires the diversity of talents and disposition assembled by the management. The management team should stimulate and challenge the others so as to develop more ideas to keep the telecom products and services competitive.

The telecom sector globally should aim at developing the channel relations through its employees. Team building in its employees is a strategy in sustaining the good working relationship between the company and the customers. The sustainable relationship through team building requires the distribution of objectives, channel design, image building promotional assistance and setting targets. The correlation in attitude between the employee and the customer is an important strategy in the telecom sector for achieving its goals (Heggde & Kumar, 2011). It is important for Telecom Company to ensure that its partners have a positive attitude towards the organization through team building that enables members to perform tasks effectively.

Telecom Company needs to develop and nurture its culture with the wisest investment in its management team. Manifesting employees’ invisible force of teamwork determines the organization's achievement. Although, this may sap the leader’s energy and also undermine the organization's productivity its development cultivates the organizations required culture. As a result, the employees are motivated hence perform their duties consistently (Moberly, 2014). Through successful team building, telecom’s management will be able to build a culture that incorporates fun and care of the employees. As a result, Telecom Company will be able to convert its intangible assets into tangible benefits hence its growth in the market.

Since the telecom company staff has suffered problems in communication, trust, dependency, and individualism, there is a need to make improvement for its success. Management team building retreat has been found as a solution since it provides opportunities to develop better relationships hence the organization gains an understanding of the employees. Telecom also needs experts including the team building and leadership programs that are able to solve challenges with confidence hence building a trust intervention. Furthermore, the experts should be able to execute and win the employees who have inherent qualities in team building. The team building should make the employees friendly, enthusiastic, loyal and less resistance to change. Telecom’s decision in hiring and promoting the right people is effective in team building hence successful decision making in the business. With the team building, there will be empowerment in the telecom hence ownership of the business from hourly associates. As a result, telecom should utilize the possible avenues in team building so as to monitor the competitor’s tactical forces hence keeping the completion effectively. The approach Telecom Company uses in the team building will enable it to compete effectively hence delivering effective results that make its running successful.

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