Teaching our Boys to Respect Women

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In Colin Stokes’ speech, he mainly talks about how to find manhood among the movies. How to teach boys to respect women's beauty? I thought this was a very serious and very important topic of family education. For boys, it meant that he could be the key to a truly educated man.

An extremely important consideration of human civilization is the attitude of society towards women. This is also a rule to measure the moral standards and cultural education of a society and a person. A person who treats women arrogantly and arrogantly will be in a state of arrogance and ignorance.

Domestic violence, male hegemonism and other serious damage to family happiness are caused by the fact that our boys have not received enough education to respect women's beauty.

For example, when our children are very young, they like to joke to the boys: "Look at how beautiful the sister is, go home and be a wife!" - This is actually teaching boys to trample on the beauty of women.

Why do we see a beautiful younger sister, so that we can decide ourselves so easily, and we must take the other person home, without having to take into account the attitude and thoughts of the other party? This is a arrogant male hegemonic awareness education!

Female beauty, in a family, is the core force that bears the birth, nourishment and affects the happiness of life. Her dedication and wisdom are definitely not a substitute for men, and they are almost impossible for men. This unique family happiness value, if recognized and respected by men, can be happy. On the contrary, our defamation and harm to the beauty of family women is directly damaging the happiness of our own lives.

The steadfastness of life, the suffering of life, the patience of raising life, the joy of educating life, on this road, accompanied by life, only the mother is the strongest, only the mother can bear all the difficulties silently, and always Suddenly dragging children and home out of the predicament. To create more happiness and freedom for families and families.

Therefore, in our family education, we must always remind and clearly guide the children to understand the mother's deep love and feel the mother's selflessness and strength. Children from a young age should be more considerate of their mother's hard work and teach their children to work with their mothers.

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