My Fourth Grade Teacher

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What are some reading and writing skills that I learned from my fourth-grade teacher? Someone who taught me how to read and write was my fourth-grade teacher Ms. Asamoah. She was a great teacher that cared about the importance of her student's success in their education. She encouraged me to make reading a habit to myself and helped me get better in reading and writing. As a kid, I always concentrated on playing more than focusing on learning how to improve my reading and writing skills. She once told me something that I still use to keep me from too much distractions. Whenever I start to get distracted in something that involves playing around, she said, “all work and no play makes just a dull boy, all play and no work makes just a lazy boy, there is time to play and there is time to work only foolish people play all the time”. This message she told me is one thing that has taught me what I should expect of myself as a student from things I should do and not do. The way I behaved at home also played a part as to why my fourth-grade teacher told me the message she said, because of the good relationship she had with my mom as teachers. She mostly got complains of me about playing a lot and not concentrating or showing improvement towards my reading and writing practices at home. She then told me that if I concentrate, and show effort in my reading and writing, she will be willing to give up her time to stay after school with me every day to make sure that I'm able to read anything I approach fluently and be precise in writing. Some people say continuous practice in doing something could affect the way you perform later. I think practicing continuously is an opportunity, because it helps you learn more and improve on mistakes.

Eventually, complains of me in school and at home about not completing my assignments were things that really bordered me in class. I wasn’t the type of student that did what was expected of him or her to be done when it came to assignments. I was lazy and didn’t know how to read fluently and most of the time I wouldn’t write complete sentences. She noticed my reading and writing skills weren’t strong, so she told my mom. She figured out a way that would help increase my reading and writing skills. One time during lunch, she called me, sat down with me, and advised me about her wanting me to succeed in my education. I took her advice to stay after school, so she could help me improve in reading and writing. She stayed after with me even on Fridays when everyone else was thinking about spending their weekend.

Furthermore, since then she always checked on me during class to see how I was doing on my assignments. On some she will pick some books we will read together, then she will let me read the book again by myself and write a short summary of what I read to see if I was focused on the what I read previously with her. I began to experience some improvements throughout remainder of the school year from the advice she gave me about her willing to give up her time to stay after school and help me improve my skills in reading and writing. On other days, as I progressed, she will pick a book, read it to me then she would pick certain sentences from it. I would have to listen to her read them, while I wrote them with correct punctuations, proper nouns, etc. As my skills progressed, she began to challenge me by picking words from books I previously read. She would then test me on spelling certain words that she felt could be useful in my writing.

In Conclusion, with my fourth grader teachers’ encouragement and advise, I can express my ideas and thoughts on many things. It is an opportunity that has created an advantage to me in my education from then until now. The help of my teacher and my effort has really changed who I am today, because without her willingness and encouragement I wouldn’t have known how I would have improved in reading and writing. With her help since then, I have been able to create a reading habit for myself to my own benefit that helps me in life.

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