Superstore, where all your Troubles Make you Laugh

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To work, is extremely overwhelming; Gaining that small sense of independence is over joyous. Superstore not only tackles daily work issues that many employees face, these issues that can concern any work employee in this day and age. NBC has done a remarkable job in incorporating a lot more of its social political issues from its first airing on November 30th, 2015. As of this current date Superstore has 4 seasons. Season 3 tackles, issues about ageism, heath care, and so much more. How will the daily lives of Cloud 9’s big box store employees handle it all. Being a full-time student and a full-time worker, I’ve seen and worked in a lot of work environments. I’ve worked in the customer service industry each day I learn something completely new about how the company works, or new daily task is added on. Some days were challenging, some flew by in an instant. Superstore, hits most of the marks. It’s noted as a black comedy, this is because its episodes incorporate serious topics that many shows strive away from. Some Episodes that make ties to Ageism “Town Hall”, Healthcare “Health Fund”, and Unionization “Labor”. This is one episode with in its pilot season that helped Segway Superstore to its next season full of new plots and twists. Superstore has found its own voice to express its uphill battle dealing with employer – employee relations.

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“Superstore, where all your Troubles Make you Laugh”

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Superstore centers around a group of diverse individuals that work for a big box chain company named Cloud 9. The store revolves the daily lives of Amy, Jonah, Dina, Glenn, Garett, Cheyenne, and Mateo. Each individual arises awareness, of how issues in the workplace is not as easy to handle. “Labor” presents a turning point in the series, as its the season finally of the first season. The episode revolves around Cheyenne’s will to work during her pregnancy. The employees are dumb founded as the company provides no type of maternity leave for women. Jonah, as the activist in this series believes the workers should fight for these rights. Amy, who was a teen mom as well could empathize to Cheyenne’s situation. They both take it upon themselves to make a call to corporate and ask, “Why they’re not offering any maternity leave?” In the meantime, Cheyenne is presenting strong signs of labor but must continue to work. As they try to get in touch with someone who can answer that question, they compare the present Cloud 9 to other workplaces providing benefits that include maternity leave due to employees being in a union. Within an instant, they are transferred over. Later on, they are all sitting down with a corporate labor relations consultant Steve. Steve holds a seminar where he talks about the idea of unions in the work place, and how the company cares for the well-being of its employees. The meeting was more of “dismiss the idea” meeting. Of course, this did not satisfy Jonah who truly believes that Cloud 9 should provide these benefits plus more. The aftermath of the meeting did not resolve anything but giving everyone getting two doughnut holes. Jonah still wants to act whereas his other coworkers have given up hope in that anything will change because of them. While having an argument with Amy in the stores loading dock, in the distance you can see Cheyenne start to have contractions, and eventually going into labor. While they realize what’s going on and help give birth to Cheyenne’s baby Harmonica. Glenn the store manager who sees the miracle of life right in his presence must go against work code and suspends Cheyenne for 6 weeks with pay. Steve doesn’t look too pleasant with this decision. The aftermath of Glenn’s actions was termination. Amy shocked that the company would just fire him for doing the right thing could not see a Glenn leave who had dedicated over 10 years to the company. She rallies up all the workers and peruses a walkout. “Another element of Superstore that has really been coming together as the season progressed is the way it depicts the actual hardships of being an overworked, underpaid employee at a big corporation that treats its employees like faceless, nameless workers who are entirely interchangeable and replaceable.” (Pilot Virut)

Most of the workers at Cloud 9 are always trying to find ways to make the day go by faster. In episode, “Health Fraud”. It’s also apparent that the company provides a not so well health insurance. “the co-pay is 4,000; so no” Mateo’s response on his coworker’s advice on going to the hospital, after hearing his agony on his ear infection. While his other coworker tries to give him advice on what home remedies he should take to make him all better. Jonah, the man of justice conversates with Amy, who’s exclaims that they should start their own health care. Jonah with his intuitive self, concurs a plan to start their own Health fund in hopes of starting a well thought out idea of helping his fellow coworkers. On the other hand, Amy, puts a jar out by the registers in hopes that the customers will help aid “The Mateo Project”. Jonah, who pitches his idea to the other employees, who are reluctant at first. Marcus states that it is a pyramid scheme. They all are excited about it towards the end and give in to this new idea. 20$ a month per person for health insurance, doesn’t sound too bad right? While, Jonah realizes that not all employees have the same health. He stumbles into a serious of difficulties.

First is first, who is actually going to get covered. As he realizes that he cannot have complete control over the matter he tries to disband the fund. Which brings an uproar from his coworkers? They argue that he must find a way. “Cover everyone, exclude no one, and make it affordable” as Isaac said in the health fund meeting that was determining how much each employee would pay for the coverage that they needed. As no definite answer was concluded Marcus, a warehouse worker suggested that they would get covered If they could jump on a table or complete ninja war challenge. As a result, Isaac is injured and has to receive first aid treatment. the conclusion was that, it was a complete failure. “the Mateo project” earned about 100$ to which Mateo chooses to buy a bag. “My body, My Choice”, as he tells Garett. “And it tackles relevant, timely issues, like medical insurance (in this week’s episode, “Health Fund,” Jonah creates an employee-funded insurance plan that’s more complicated than anticipated) without taking a political stance.” (Ana Menta)

Amy and the Cloud 9 gang first ever walkout is the first time they all wanted to fight for something that was fair. The episode dealt with women even having the opportunity to get paid maternity leave. It shows the negative conditions workers are not properly being treated fairly. It gives us a review on how people can handle the situation. Employees trying to come up with a way to get health care due to the poor insurance that there company offers, shows how companies aren’t willing to pay for decent coverage, there are two types of people. The first person is who will stand up and act upon what is right, and the second person is those who will be bystanders. In these episodes its clearly shown who was which. A lot of the characters find themselves conflicted due to the fact that for some the job is what helps them, and their perspective families live. Superstore, a show that depicts workplace issues and what the outcomes are weather positive or negative. Something that superstore has done is show the audience that “you can’t win them all”. Cloud 9, Its Heavenly saving’s will sweep you away.


Superstore (TV series)

Superstore ends its first season with an episode that demands a renewal



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