Discrimination and Open Slot Policy

Sex Discrimination at Walmart Stephanie Etheredge Ashford University What financial impact do you think the lawsuit could potentially have on Wal-Mart? The financial impact I think the lawsuit will have on Wal Mart is hire prices in the store. With the cost of legal fees the company would have to make up the cost. This could even be away for them to lay off employees and shorten staff. What are the major moral complaints of the females suing Wal-Mart? Do you believe these moral complaints are justified? Why?

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“Discrimination and Open Slot Policy”

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I think feel the complaints are valid. If you are in a job and you see other coworkers getting hired whom are less qualified than you are then I think that the complaints are valid. If more than one complaint is being made about the company then an investigation is warranted. The complaints are justified if you apply for a position or inquire about a position and the company doesn’t give you an opportunity but then turn around and hire a male whom is less qualified than you are. That’s reason to make a concrete decision and go forward.

I would have done the exact same thing. I was in a position where employees were being hired and I was kept as a temp and not offered a position. I had to be proactive and ask the manager why I wasn’t being offered the position. Yet and still be asked to train the new people that came on. The manager then transferred me to another department where I was hired. This was a good thing because that is the department that I wanted to be in. What, if anything, do you think Wal-Mart should do to correct these discrepancies?

Should the company institute an “affirmative action” promotion program for female employees? If so, what should this program look like? I would have Wal Mart do a survey and look to see where they can improve employee participation when hiring within. There should be an open slot policy where you can hire employees who seemed to do well and recognition and reward programs are open. Affirmative action should be in place at Wal Mart to avoid discrimination Law Suits. The women should win their lawsuits. Do you think the women deserve to win their lawsuit?

Any type of discrimination against employees should be investigated thoroughly be it against women, race background. Racism should not be tolerated in any work place. When women are being discriminated against if it is because you are a women that is a form of racism. When women workers are as stated” 65 percent of the hourly workers in the field and all victims reported some form of dis crimination between 1996 and 2001. (“Boatright, 2009 p. 242) REFERENCE (BARI-ELLEN) BARI-ELLEN, ROBERTS. SEX DISCRIMINATION AT WALMART.

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