Students’ Tend to do Drastic Decisions

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Change is constant. There are lot differences in the behavior of the 21st century students’ from the students’ decades ago, but there are some similarities. During the 21st century, the students’ behaviors are referred as a “challenging behavior” due to the struggle that the teacher faced. Those challenging behaviors are cheating, defiance, sniping remarks (ex., criticizing others) and improper use of gadgets (ex., using cell phones inside the classroom), tardiness and skipping classes. The students’ are getting less and less patient each passing day while disobedience, arrogance, rudeness and aggression are rising. Borsuk (2016) quoted an email on the article entitled “kids these days… educators sound off on students’ behavior” saying that the behavior of the students’ are getting worse as time passed by. 21st century students with this kind of behavior usually irritate their teacher or instructor. They became a challenge to their teachers.

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“Students’ Tend to do Drastic Decisions”

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There are reasons why 21st century students’ have that kind of behavior. The first reason is lack of attention is one of the reasons why students’ of the 21st century have that kind of behavior. Thus, some of the students’ are seeking for attention but their parents are not capable to give it to them that lead to challenging behavior. The next is environment that they are in; students’ that are exposed in violence have a tendency that they might do the same thing to others. According to Thomas et al. (2006) students’ environment has a contribution on how the students’ socialize and it also promotes aggressive behavior. The next is technology it became an instrument to cyber-bullying. It is totally a distraction to the students. In additional, video games have a negative impact to the student because they become aggressive and violent. Social media also affects the behavior of the students. The next is peer pressure because the students’ might involve themselves on self-harm or thought about the idea of suicide. Students’ tend to do drastic decisions that put their safety at risk.

In contrast, some of the 21st century students are optimistic, attentive, cooperative, creative, future oriented, they are eager to learn and well-mannered. As mentioned, 21st students want to learn new things and they tend to ask so many questions looking for answer to their curiosity. They embrace every possible change that might occur. They take every problem that they might encounter positively. They are active when it comes to learning. They empower themselves to be a better person. They are also wise in it comes to choosing the best solutions to their problem.

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