Role Of Decisions In The Stranger Book

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Making decisions is a process we do everyday but everyone makes different decisions. Some people make decisions that can lead you to good places in your life and other people make decisions that can be bad and lead you to bad places in your life. Whether you choose not to focus on your education, you decide not to listen to your parents, or even choosing the people you hang out with is an important decision to make that can come with different types of outcomes.

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In the book The Stranger Meursault experiences how making bad decisions can affect your life for the worse. Just like meursault Everyone makes decisions in their life some are smaller decisions and some are bigger.

Making decisions can change your life and how the outcome of it is. In the book The stranger meursault’s mother dies and he really doesn’t feel sad about it making people think bad about him. Meursault meets raymond one of his neighbors when he hears screaming from his neighbors apartment. He goes to see what is going on and finds out he is physically abusing a woman. Meursault makes a bad decision by agreeing to become his friend because the person he meets is influencing him to do bad things. Raymond tells meursault to lie about what happened if anybody asks him about it.

There are small bad decisions throughout the book that put weight on meursault. One of the major wrong decisions he makes is when he killed a person at the beach without any discernible motive. This happened when he and the friend he had made went to the beach for a vacation. They were walking by the beach and a group of arabian men came up to them and hurt meursault’s friend. Meursault’s friend had also said that he didn’t like them. Choosing Raymond to be his friend caused meursault to be involved in this situation.

When albert killed the man he didn’t know why he killed him. After he shot the man once he shot at him four more times not having a reason to do it. Meursault has chosen to do all these things because at the beginning he doesn’t take time to make choices he just does stuff at the moment. Before he shot the man he said It was then that I realized that you could either shoot or not shoot(camus).Before he shot the man he realized that he could choose to do something or not to do it. Most of his life meursault did things without thinking how it would affect him or other people.

In conclusion the author demonstrates through Meursault’s life how decisions can affect your life. He made many bad decisions that caused bad outcomes. Meursault would do things at the moment without thinking about it or thinking of a different solution. Meursault experienced a change. Before shooting the arab guy meursault saw that he had the choice whether to shoot or not to shoot. Even though meursault made a bad decision that lead to a punishment of death he realized that he had a choice.

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