State of the Union 2019

As President Donald Trump enters the House of Chamber for the State of the Union Address, there are many issues that are going to be discussed by him, and the plans that he has for solving these issues. To begin, President Trump States that Democrats and Republicans must join forces and confront an urgent, national crisis. He explains that Congress has ten days left to pass a bill that will fund our government, protect our homeland, and secure our very dangerous southern border. He wants Congress to step up and show the world that America is very committed to ending illegal immigration, and putting drug dealers, cartels, and human traffickers to a halt and keeping them out of business. President Trump talks about how there are large caravans currently on their way to the United States. Mexico City’s solution to remove the illegal immigrants from their city is to load up buses and trucks full of these people and bringing them to the border of our country where there is little to no border protection. Trump has began arranging solutions for this problem, beginning with sending 3,750 troops to our southern border to prepare for this ‘onslaught’. He claims that this is a moral issue and a threat to the safety and financial stability of our entire nation.

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“State of the Union 2019”

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However, Trump continues on with an idea to create an immigration system that protects the lives and jobs of our citizens, which includes the obligation to the millions of immigrants living within our nation today, who truthfully followed the rules to be able to be a part of our nation and respected our laws. Donald Trump is not completely against immigration, just illegal immigration. He states that legal immigrants enrich our nation and strengthen our society as a whole in many, many ways. He even says that he wants as many people to come into our country as they can, but he wants them to be here legally. He asks the people of our nation to help defend the southern border out of love and devotion to our citizens. He says that tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate, and quite frankly, it is actually very cruel. Until we secure our border, there are so many dangerous people that are going to continue streaming in. He claims that where walls go up, illegal immigrants crossing goes way, way down.

Another historic trade blender was NAFTA, which failed greatly. He talks about how there are many people who have had their dreams shattered by the signing of NAFTA. For many years, there were politicians that they would renegotiate for better deals, but nobody ever tried until now. The USMCA will now replace the NAFTA and actually deliver for American workers because they haven’t been delivered to in a long time. He hopes that the people will pass the USMCA into law so that our nation can bring back our manufacturing jobs in even greater numbers than before, expand american agriculture, protect intellectual property, and ensure that more cars are proudly stamped with our four beautiful words “Made in the USA. Also, he wants to pass the United States reciprocal trade act so if another country happens to place an unfair tariff on an American product, we can charge them the exact same tariff to them as they do to us on the same product. Both parties should be able to unite for a great rebuilding of America’s infrastructure.

Lowering the cost of healthcare should not be an option, along with prescription drugs, and to protect patients with pre-existing conditions. Already within Trump’s presidency, drug prices have experienced their largest decline in forty-six years. He talks about how it is unfair that people in our country are paying so much money for the exact same drug that people are getting in other countries for way cheaper, and often made in the exact same place. It is wrong and unfair so together we can stop it fast.

In recent years, he states that we have made remarkable progress in the fight against HIv and AIDS. There have been scientific breakthroughs that have brought a once distant dream within reach. President Trump is asking people to make the needed commitment to eliminate the HIV epidemic in the U.S. within the next ten years. Together we will defeat AIDS in America and beyond.

In addition, he asks all Americans to get behind the fight against childhood cancer. Many childhood cancers have not seen new therapies in years. Trump’s budget will ask Congress for five hundred million dollars over the next ten years to fun this critical, life-saving research.

Overall, his last point is that he wants to protect American security. Our nation has begun to fully rebuild the United States Military with seven hundred billion dollars last year and even more this year. We are also getting other nations to pay their fair share. As part of our military buildup, the United States is developing a missile defense system, and we will never apologize for advancing America’s interest.

In each of the issues and plans to fix these issues were discussed, the audience cheered for every single one of them. However, there were times that only half of the audience cheered and the others did, like with building the wall, but most of the time, the entire audience cheered.

Bernie Sanders was the once chosen to respond, and he was not very happy with everything that Donald Trump talked about in the State of the Union. He said that no everything that was said was true and accurate. Bernie disagrees with Trump when he talked about the economy being amazing today and how it is booming. He said that may be true for some of the wealthiest people in our nation, but that is not the case for all people. The economy is booming for the rich ones, but for the middle class, the economy is not so great for them. Real wages for average american workers is so low, and even lower today than it was forty-six years ago despite the rise of prices in good today. Trump failed to mention that we have more wealth than the bottom half of our country combined. Yes, the economy is great for the top one percent, but for other people, the economy is not good.

Despite what President Trump says, this is not a ‘hot’ economy when there are households that cannot pay for necessities without going into debt. The economy is not booming when half of Americans have no idea how they will live out the last of their years because they do not have retirement funds. There are hundreds of students that cannot go to college because they do not have enough money, and there are people that cannot afford medicine that they need. This is not an economy that we should be proud of. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday night offered a blistering rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, focusing more on what the president didn’t mention than on what he did touch on. Sanders also ripped into Trump on his claims about illegal immigration, particularly regarding violent crime. He said Trump’s rhetoric on this subject was “racist” and “factually inaccurate,” and he questioned why Trump didn’t focus more on violence committed by white men.

Stacey Abrams was chosen to give the Democratic response to President Trump. She states that we live in a nation where opportunity is possible, but we do not succeed alone. Her reason for running for Governor in Georgia was because she loved our country and it’s promise of opportunity for all. She says that children are practicing gun safety rather than education, and our leaders must be willing to tackle gun-safety measures and face the effect of education loans. There are far too many Americans that are falling behind and living paycheck to paycheck. The Republican tax bill rigged the system against working people and rather than bringing back jobs, plants are closing, there are more layoffs, and wages struggle to allow people to keep up with the actual costs of living. She says that we owe more to the working people in our nation who keep our economy running. She thinks that Trump needs to make our nation respect the middle-age more because they are the working people who allow our nation to thrive. She also disagrees with Trump because she thinks that we must all embrace culture, to healthcare, entrepreneurship, and America is made stronger by immigrants and not the building of walls. Her future in American politics could hinge on her doing well on the big stage.

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