Coronavirus-2019 Public Policy Problem

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The public policy problem that I selected is about coronavirus in 2019. The Coronavirus is a virus more specifically, identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China. Coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. This virus can make you severely ill, with little or no symptoms at all, or it can also be fatal (CDC, 2019).

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“Coronavirus-2019 Public Policy Problem”

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One of the public policy problems that everyone is having is trying to make everyone stay at home. The president is trying to have every state do the exact same thing when telling the public to stay at home. The president also states that everything should be shut down unless its an essential business. Every state is different, so every state can’t follow all the rules and regulations that other states have.

Because all the states are following the rules of the president, the states are having problems with when and where the people need to be tested, what to do for emergency assistance, and where to place the homeless community. The president even wants all the states to have the same disaster plans. And trying to give the same number of ventilators and medication out. When they should be going by how many people are in the state. (Washington, 2020)

Trump administration’s decision not to reopen the Affordable Care Act’s federal health insurance exchanges to new enrollees jeopardizes the health of millions, according to the American Public Health Association. This is a missed opportunity to ensure care and save lives.

Without health insurance coverage, many people will delay getting the care they need for COVID-19 and other medical reasons because of cost. That delay could risk both their health and the health of their communities. (APHA, 2020)

Away to tackle the policy problem could be by letting every government in each state handle their own way of getting medication to the people who need it. find their own way to start the testing to see who’s positive. Let the government find options on the shutdown, see if there’s another way to say some people’s jobs. Have each government work on opening unemployment benefits ASAP. Three months is a long time to wait for their benefits.

Move these homeless people off the streets, their talk about it, but nothing is happening. Put them in those abandoned hotels and motel. You can even place them in a closed-down military base that already has room and board. Post jobs that’s hiring for those who lost their jobs. I am pretty sure that some work is better than nothing at all. Have ever state to enforce the curfew and keep people off the street from just hanging out because they’re not taking this seriously.

Stay at home, do not travel unless it’s an emergency. The World Health Organization has declared the outbreak a pandemic and U.S. and state officials across the country are taking actions to limit large gatherings of people, impose travel restrictions and ask Americans to make other adjustments to their daily lives and habits (WHO, 2020)

The most recently available count of confirmed cases and deaths to show how the virus has spread in states and counties across the country. Total Confirmed cases 2,447,920, Total Deaths 168,500 and 185 countries/regions. We have too many cases and too many deaf. I feel that the US should have a vaccine for the coronavirus a long time ago. Like they do with influenzas. The coronavirus has been around, but it’s just a different strain (ABC News, 2020)

Eric Garcetti ordered customers and employees at essential businesses with close in-person contact, such as grocery stores, to wear masks. Even if you are walking down the street and driving you must have a mask on or risk a $1000.00 an/or 30 days jail time. The order does not require that customers’ or workers’ face coverings be medical-grade or N95 masks. Everyone should be safe, not just the essential works.

They need to order enough N95 for everyone. Just covering up your face will not work. On a good note, the FDA is working hard to help the people in the world. They have had more workers than ever helping them trying to find something that would even shake this coronavirus. Having everyone’s input on this situation is a must in order to beat the virus.

The FDA has launched a new program called the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program. This program can move new treatments to patients as soon as possible, while at the same time finding out whether they are helpful or harmful. The patients would receive treatment and there would be data to see if the treatment is working to help the people who have the coronavirus (FDA, 2020).

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