Union Leader and Labor Organizer Cesar Chavez

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Mexican-American Cesar Chavez (1927-1993) was a prominent union leader and labor organizer, and he single handedly organized impoverished migrant farm laborers in the California grape fields. Over two years, Chavez spent his entire lifetime savings of $1,200 creating a small social service organization for Delano's field laborers. Chavez founded the UFW Association in 1962. His union joined with the agricultural workers organizing committee in its first strike against grape growers owners in california. Thesis- In april 1962, Cesar Chavez single handedly organized a migrant farm laborers in the california grape fields. The historical impact is that Cesar Chavez is known for his effort to gain better working conditions for the thousands of workers. The triumph is the success of Cesar Chavez work and the tragedy is that his attitude and beliefs changed over time. Origin- For more than a century farm workers have been rejected a decent life in the fields and communities of california agricultural valleys. In the 1960s things were beginning to change beneath the surface. Within another 15 years more than 50,000 farmworkers were protected by the union contracts. Over time farm workers were being led by Cesar Chavez and were able to call upon allies in other unions in churches and in communities group affiliated with growing the civil rights movement. Development- Grape pickers in 1965 was being charged an average of 90 cents per hour plus 10 cents more for picking baskets. State laws regarding working standards, were simply ignored by growers. And one farm boss made the workers drink out of the same cup, or they were forced to pay a quarter per cup. And there were no bathroom breaks. Farm Workers have to get used to of the conditions because they work in heat all day. Historical event- In september 8 in 1965 cesar chavez started a strike called delano grape strike. The strike was about grape growers protesting about the poor pay and conditions they get from working. The filipinos ask cesar chavez who mostly led the latino farm workers ask him to join the strike. Cesar and the leaders of the NFWA believed it would take years before their union was ready for a strike. But he also knew how growers historically pitted one race against another to break field walkouts. Cesar’s union voted to join the Filipino workers’ walkouts on Mexican Independence Day, September 16, 1965. From the beginning this would be a different kind of strike. The strike started in 1965 and ended in 1970. Short term- Andy imutan is one of the original strikers from 1965 walkouts he was the one that started it all hre was the leader of AWOC and later because the vice president of the UFC. he began a strike in coachella in the summer of 1905 it was about their payment and the strike was a success. Long term- Mexicans or other immigrants are being discriminated there are being called drug dealers rapists and that they bring crime. Also in an article donald trump states ¨what mexico sends its people they're not sending their best¨ also he wants to deport 11 million migrants. Conclusion- In april 1962, Cesar Chavez single handedly organized a migrant farm laborers in the california grape fields to support them due to the lack of payment and their working conditions were bad for the farmworkers.
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