Social and Racial Injustice

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Racial profiling is a term, used by the police in other authority officials, but as we know the court sometimes shows favoritism to other people with different color. The concept of racial profiling has went beyond what it was suppose to. Police and their supporters assert that profiling represents a legitimate practice grounded in criminal behavior, to which race is incidental. Profiles was being noticed from patterns of different behavior, and made by convictions in courts of law. Successful searches based upon the profiles opens up about the general application of profiles as an investigative tool. The police continue to make periodic seizures of large quantities of uncut procedures, during motor vehicle stops, which in their eyes is proof that the profile technique is a valid law enforcement tool.

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“Social and Racial Injustice”

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When speaking about the court in how they make their decisions off being bias it’s the same concept of when people of color are not given the proper judgement only because of their skin. As a judge people depend on them for bringing justice to criminals and giving freedom to the ones that are innocent. As the people it’s in the constitution to having a fair trial, it shouldn’t matter because of your color but, judges and politics make society very unjust meaning everyone has their own opinion of someone so how can you make a judgement of someone that you barely know. The entire justice system is being manipulated by racial profiling and how other people categorize you without even knowing you.

The central problem in racial profiling is whether disparity of treatment constitutes discrimination in the court system. In that respect, the issue mirrors many other debates in American life. Discrimination may be came from unequal numbers, but different, treatment supports a stronger inference when people of a minority class suffer a an unequal burden than similar situated majority citizens. The court system opinions can come from the outside which other people should not have a big influence on what type of decision the judge will make. Racial profiling results with a set of factors, which can include race making a specific criminal profile are stripped away in practice, transformed into an unjustified situation. If you notice how other judges make different decisions with the same case but with different people. It took me personally, a while to fully understand our criminal justice system.

A lot of people of color had gone to court with the same case but was given different sentencing, which is kind of unfair and unjust. Although the Supreme court is suppose to be where we are suppose to finally seek justice, many times we don’t get it because the judge might feel that other people cases aren’t that important to them or they may feel threatened with another person with color on the street with freedom. Racial profiling is not good for anyone, especially if your a judge making decisions for someone and you know that you are somewhat bias to a particular side of color. There is an increasing perception that we have two criminal justice systems, separate and unequal, one for Whites and one for racial minorities and the poor.

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