Slavery was a Major Issue

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Slavery was a major issue of concern in America. It involved capturing the less powerful in the colonies and taking them forcefully as workers. Slavery was characterized by torture, manipulation, and oppression of the victims. Women were left without their husbands; some of them were involved in forced marriages. Slaves were taken to work for instance in plantations and in construction projects (Keene, Cornell & ODonnell, 2013). The rights of the slaves were not taken into consideration. Movements rose to help fight for the rights and freedom of the slaves. Proponents and opponents describe slavery using the analytical tools which included mobility, democracy, capitalism, and difference.
The views of the opponents and Proponents.

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“Slavery was a Major Issue”

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Democracy was an analytical tool that was used in the sense that the Americans were tired of the oppression that they were going through in the hands of the British tyrant. The Americans thus sought out a plan on attaining freedom from captivity that they had been drowning in. The Americans insisted on democracy that involved equal treatment of every citizen as it was stated by law. In addition, Slavery was viewed as beneficial to the countries that had captured the colonies for example, in the case of England (Yates, 2011).Slaves in England had helped in the significant increase in the production levels and thus slavery was beneficial for the growth of the country. Eliminating slavery proved difficult for England. The slaves in England were denied their rights and freedom because of the fact that their presence in the country had a lot of benefits.

In addition, the need for democracy led to the rise of activists and movements groups that educated the slaves particularly women about their rights as partners in their marriages. Women became bolder for they had knowledge of their significant role in a marriage. To add on, democracy was inhibited by the fact that lawyers and printers were oppressed by the stamp duty act that they had to bear. The stamp duty was to be imposed on every item. All the stringent laws that were being enacted that deprived the slaves of their rights were aimed at increasing the dominance and power of the colonialists.

Moreover, the colonialists did not give the colonies a chance in the legislative bodies; they did not participate in the making of the law. The law was practically imposed on them. For example, the Americans protested because of the fact that they were being taxed yet they had no representation in the government.

In the concept of difference

The powerful states that were capturing the slaves had the sole aim of increasing their revenues and thus the tyrants increased the customs duties so that it could cover the deficit that had initially been experienced. The forceful increase in the customs taxes was necessitated by the enacting of the laws that were stringent about the payment of taxes. Those who did not comply with the new regulations on tax were prosecuted. To add on, goods were not to be smuggled and so those who were involved in the act were heavily penalized (Keene, Cornell &ODonnell, 2013). For instance, the case of Grenville who enacted the sugar act which involved taxing imported sugar. The stringent laws that were being imposed on the colonies were a violation of the democratic provision for individuals. The other difference that was experienced was the fact that the Americans had better standards of living because of the fact that they were not heavily taxed. The tax was differential; some states paid a different rate as compared to the other states.

The colonialists were forceful in their maneuvers of acquiring power over the states. The oppression that the colonies were experiencing made them be more aggressive when it came to their rights. For instance, in the case of the stamp duty act, the lawyers carried on demonstrations depicting the new act as oppressive or overburdening to the legal bodies.

Women also were not left behind in the fight for their rights. The British had forced the importations of fabric to their state and that they were obliged to make their garments from them. The women carried on boycotts demanding that they had a right to make their clothes from the locally manufactured garments (Keene, Cornell &ODonnell, 2013). The nonimportation act made the women active in the politics of their nation. In addition, the proclaiming act passed by the colonialists who were denied access to some places of the west. The proclaiming act led to the land dispute. The aspect of a difference did not influence the role of women in the society. Women were associated with certain roles in the society. For instance, they were obliged to take care of their families.


Slavery majorly came with shortcomings and also advantages. To the colonialists, they were able to acquire labor at a cheaper cost and also reported high revenues majorly from the heavy taxes that the slaves were made to pay. Numerous negative outcomes were experienced as a result of slavery. The negatives include the two major analytical tools that are the democracy and the difference. The difference majorly focused on the reactions of the slaves to the colonialism. While the democracy tool featured how the slaves were treated and how it was unjust for them. Through various reforms and uprising of able leaders, some countries were able to attain their independence to enjoy their rights later on.


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