Slavery DBQ

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Civil rights was mostly in the years 1950s and 1960s. Almost everything started during Reconstruction. Slavery has not needed discrimination against black people. Slavery Banned in the North is one of the important topics there is. Their is also Abolish Slavery. Black to gain equal rights under the law of the United States, officially try to stop slavery. Also by mid-20 century, African Americans had enough violence and prejudice against them. In the northern states banned slavery in the early as 1807. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New york and New Jersey, this are the states that had slavery during which is in 1777.

In the Slavery timeline in 1619 in Virginia the first Africans appear to have been indentured. Majority slaves transported africa, West Indians. In the 1787 states emancipation law was created to free North. After this happened Congress enacts the Fugitive slaves the rights to habeas corpus The law of freedom of slaves pass to punish there who slavery-catches who kidnap free balcks. Being punished was the right thing, even if slavery was not all the was a law to free them.

Nat Turner, who believes he had the right to do something to the slaves. In Virginia his people, followers killed up to 57 white people unsuccessful, and 200 slaves were killed in total. The Black history behind slavery has lots of important times. Talking about Africa today, we are thinking about how poor third world continent, Western nations to survive. the sixteenth and Resendiz 2 seventeenth centuries, when Europeans first began exploring the world, Africa back than was a rich continent.

Eager to trade her copper and gold, leather goods for the white mans pans, pots, guns and alcohol. In 1492 theres is man name Christopher Columbus, everyone whos him as the man who discovered America. He had a lot to be with slaves of other black Africans. He was still in the year of slavery and was very well thinkful of those who went through slavery and started to ask for Slaves. Why would he want slaves? He wanted slaves because he would trade them with guns because he wanted to be someone big.

Being a slave was like being in prison well not actually, it was like been in prison. They would make them work for hours straight with them having absolutely. They would be chained together and marched to the coast. Not caring if they were configurable or what they would think or say. They didnt have the right to speak or have an opinion. When they would take them to be a slave they sometimes had to wait days or even weeks and it was not present to be in a straight line walking.

They would always eat beans, corn, yams, rice, and palm oil. And that was just the best food because they had worse. Having to move fast enough to be caught up with the people that has the right to order you. Thats what they thought, that they were the kings of their own crow. It was very bad luck to those who didnt or couldnt complete their journey and were to lick to complete their request pace, they wouldnt care and leave them there died or alive.

Now that this has happened the people in Africans had to go back to Europe. There was this thing that developed called The Triangular Trades. Shipping slaves to the Americas, brought goods to them who are in the Americas back to Europe.
Antebellum America was slaves been sold. The slaves would be brought from the pen and in turn stand raised platform and the buyers would just buy them and leave with them not Resendiz 3 caring in what they think, because all they were was just slaves. Slavery in the 1800s it was big in the United States not just the states but also Territories.

Slavery was different in every Country. What did not change what is the treatment like whipping and sexual abuse, including rape, were common. Specially in Africa it was different in Europe, but how was it different? In Europe slavery was called chattel. This means property, this means the slaves were saved not like in Africa where they had no safety. But no differences work it was hard and difficult. They were still taken as prisoners of war also Were punished for crime even if they didnt do it. Tested good to Europe and people who were boss of the slaves because their country would a grow.

That did it so much good to the Europeans but not to the slaves slaves didnt really care about what was going on about the whole growing. It was actually more work for them. Although most slaves were not brought to North America.
The strangest thing, that was surprising, you would expect for all slave owners to be white race. Well, no there was not only white slave owners. There was a black man who was a slave owner named James Pendarvis. Small information about him is that he was from Colleton, his father which is Joseph Pendarvis who was not black, but white. He , James Pendarvis was the oldest. His father died in the year 1798 but he did so much work he had three plantations and almost about 156 slaves.

Declaration of Independence 1776 was also part of slavery. Until in 1865 Declaration of Independence was stopped. How long did slavery go through in what year did it stopped? Also in 1865 is when slavery ended it was very difficult for those who went through slavery to now see that they are free. Who ended slavery. Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery. This was before ratification of the third amendment. The man that that slavery end it was on December 1865. Revolutionary War there laws were passed mostly in the Northern.

In collusion of all of this slavery it was very important for those who went through slavery. But after slavery was done how were lives be with they changed will they be the same. Will it change good to bad, or bad. Actually their lives were better for good. 

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