The on Slavery 1619

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Have you heard of slavery? Well today I am going to tell you all about slavery. We will begin with my first subtopic, when and why slavery began. Then we will talk about all the tasks and duties the slaves did. Next, we will talk about the end of slavery. Lastly, I have some very interesting facts about slavery. This paragraph is going to tell you about when slavery started. The first 19 Africans that came to the English Colonies came in 1619. The Dutch were the first people to capture Africans in South Africa. The name of the first European to buy an African is Antao Goncalves. This paragraph was just a few facts about the beginning of slavery.

As promised in this paragraph I will tell you about the endless things slaves did. The first type of slave is like a maid but not a maid because slaves did not get paid. They cooked all the meals, and then served the meals. They also cleaned the houses by doing things like washing clothes. They had to take care of the children as well. I will now tell you about field slaves. These slaves butchered and preserved, they picked cotton, built railroads, did some work with carpentry, and did some weaving. They also planted and harvested coffee beans, sugar, rice, and tobacco. This is what field slaves and house slaves did for their masters.

What do you think this paragraph will be about? You guessed it the end of slavery. Abraham Lincoln did not want slavery to enter the U.S territory so he proposed the Compensated Emancipation Proclamation and the Confiscation Acts in 1863. The one that truly abolished slavery is the Thirteenth Amendment passed by congress, the senate on April 8 1864, by the house on January 13, 1865. These are a handful of laws that ended slavery.

The last subtopic will be some interesting facts about slavery. Did you know that Spanish baptized the slaves before embarking them? The colonists treated the baptized slaves better. Overseers watch the slaves and keep them moving. If the slaves did slow down they would be punished. Some of the punishments included being whipped and burnt. This is my paragraph about some interesting facts on slavery. In conclusion, I have told you about why and when slavery began. I also talked about the tasks slaves did. We spoke about the end of slavery, and to top it all off some interesting facts. So now you know all the things there are to know about slavery. I hope you enjoyed these paragraphs about slavery.

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