Should we Celebrate Columbus Day

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After reading many documents about Christopher Columbus and his different voyages to the New World it has come to my conclusion that Christopher Columbus robbed many natives of their land, material, and large vessels of gold that was in high quantities. Christopher Columbus kept a journal and wrote on October 13, 1492 about being very attentive to the natives and strived to find out if they had any gold . He learned that there was a king who possessed much of this gold. At night he would become a thief and start thinking where the gold was and how much.

One Morning Christopher Columbus witnessed many ships coming to shores. This ships where made tree trunks so big they held up to 40-45 men at one time. Many other ships contained material things such as cotton, parrots, javelins ( spear used in a competitive sport also used as a weapon) and many other items were held on these ship. The men came with these possessions hoping to use them as trade. Christopher Columbus decided he would choose Cwhat they would get. Mister Columbus was not intregued by these items, but more interested about the gold they had on them. The text states he sees some of them with little bits of metal hanging from their noses. He learns that if goes southward toward the island he would come across a king who had much gold .

I believe as many Americans do that Columbus Day should not be celebrated. The reason for this is Columbus was not the first to discover American continent and very well known today. The concept is Euro-centric and very insulting to many American Indians and native born Americans of different cultures. Many had lived on the land way before Christopher Columbus had came. Scientist have now proven that many explorers came from all over way before Columbus did. It is a known fact that the vikings where actually the first to discover America but it was never recorded.

In 1502 a merchant and explorer by the name Amerigo Vespucci had came to realise that Christopher Columbus was wrong about the new world he had found. Later on America was named after Amerigo. It was found years later that neither man had been the first to discover America that there had been civilization had been present way before Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci had made landfall.

So In conclusion It is wrong that we celebrate Christopher Columbus as the man to discover America, Christopher Columbus came to a land and when he made landfall there was already men there and he went in focused on the jewels they had and what other possesions they had. He was also focus on converting there religon. Christopher Columbus could have learned and helped these people but instead took there land which to makes him a theif   

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