A Great Explorer Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus was a man that many learn in their childhood age here in America. When someone ask me who Christopher Columbus is, I identify him as a man who explored. Throughout his exploration to find a new route to South America but while not knowing he made a wrong turn, ended up finding North America by accident. He is the man who discovered the land that we live on today and if it wasn't for him we would not be here today.

I believe that American politicians should follow many different rules to justify a federal holiday. I believe that one of those rules should be that we should celebrate an occasion that impacts all if not most of the American people to create a holiday a national holiday that should be supported though out the United States. A big reason why I believe it should affect more than just a couple people is so that everyone in the nation can truly understand why the national celebration is important.

In the article 8 Reasons To Hate Columbus Day by Aaron Sankin it speaks of many reasons why not only one person in the united states hate Columbus Day but many US Citizens hate it. It speaks about many different reasons such as how Columbus is a horrible human being and also how his journey brought many horrible things to the new explored country and its people. In the article Columbus Day vs Indigenous People By Valerio Viale also states many reasons why we should not celebrate Columbus Day as a national holiday because of how his actions have affected many people and that their heritages were severely affected by them in a negative way.

In this article there is a fight about the people who do not want to celebrate Columbus day because of the effect it had on their people many of years ago they find the holiday to be disrespectful to their heritage and then put up a fight to try and get the national holiday to be about them so that everyone can respect and honor the people who lost their lives because of Christopher Columbus. Even though there are people who think that the holiday should no longer be celebrated there are still people who believe that it should.

In the article IN PERSON; In Defense Of Columbus by Mary Ann Castronovo she writes about a professor who devoted his life to study about the renaissance time named Mr. Connell who studied about Columbus and his doings at his time and states why we should still celebrate the holiday because although he did do horrible things his discoveries had a huge impact on us today. Mr. Connell is not the only person who believes that Columbus has had a huge impact on us today either.

Another author named Kari has written an article calling it 10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Columbus Day. And in this article, she states on how even though many things went wrong about Columbus what he has done had impacted so many people including us and we should celebrate him for that. We are all humans and humans make mistakes which happen to Christopher Columbus as well but the overall picture of what he has done for us is what we should celebrate him for.

In these articles there are many things that my mind thinks about. I can see why many people push to not celebrate the holiday, but I can also see why people push that we still should celebrate the holiday. I believe that the holiday has a huge impact on so many people then and even now in our time. Some people see the impacts as negative however I don't believe that they are seeing it in the right way. I believe that Christopher Columbus should be celebrated. Yes, he could have been a horrible person, or he could have been a really great person, but we do not know that side of the story because we were not physically there. Yes, we do hear stories and read about what others back in the day had to say about Columbus, but we do not entirely know that it is true. However, here is what we do know.

Columbus sailed on three ships as stated in Kari's article 10 reasons why to celebrate Columbus Day and found a new land that had not at the time been discovered to other Europeans. Yes, there could have been thousands of people before him who discovered the land, but he is the one who brought word to us back on the other side of the world and informed us and brought us to the new world. His achievement for doing that should be appreciated. I believe that it should be appreciated because If it is not we could still be living in Great Britain or in Spain or any other country in the world not allowed to do that things that we can now such as have the freedom of religion, and speech. Columbus brought us a new land and allowed us to come to create our own government for our own well-being. Yes, there were some horrible things that happened however if you look at the whole picture there is so much good that has come from him as well as bad and not everyone is perfect, so I believe that we should still celebrate Columbus Day.

I believe that our leaders should find a way to be able and celebrate not only Columbus and his journey but to celebrate everything good and bad from it so that we as individuals can learn and be knowledgeable about everything that happened during and after Columbus and how it got us here today. Maybe Columbus day could be renamed to something that allows us to think about it all so we can all celebrate and respect our part in that time.

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