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Christopher Columbus had consistently longed for heading out to Asia, yet there was a deterrent: he required monetary help. From the start, Columbus couldn't get subsidizing for his outing, however then he moved toward the King and Queen of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella, and they concurred. At long last, he had the option to head out from Spain to Asia in the year 1492. He was sure that he was gone to Asia in any case, his arrangement didn't turn out as he had trusted. He wound up some place totally unique, despite the fact that he was ignorant. A couple of months after his journey, Columbus chose to compose his excursion benefactors a letter. In the letter that Columbus kept in touch with the King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, he clarified why and how his journey was a triumph. He needed them to realize that the journey they financed had brought them wealth and new land as guaranteed and urge them to subsidize future journeys; in sending the letter, he conveyed both applicable data from his journey and a cautiously created powerful contention.

There were numerous purposes behind which Christopher Columbus composed that first letter to Ferdinand and Isabella. Normally, he expected to tell them that he really showed up and had the option to reward Spain. In the letter, Columbus states, "I found numerous islands… I claimed every one of them for our most lucky King… " By saying this Columbus needs the King and Queen of Spain to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had assumed responsibility for every one of the spots he went to and had the option to acquire them for Spain. In another passage he says, "… they may become Christians and slanted to adore our King and Queen and Princes and every one individuals of Spain." With this statement, Columbus needs the King and Queen to comprehend that he is spreading Christianity to different pieces of the world and is growing Spain's region by overcoming new land. He needs the King and Queen to realize that Spain is leaving an imprint with these individuals and that they will consistently be recalled.

Another primary concern of the letter was to call attention to that the journey was an incredible achievement, as guaranteed and giving thinking to future journeys. Columbus persuades the peruser in this letter by expressing the positive parts of the islands that he had experienced, for example, "various harbors on all sides", "exceptionally wide and sound giving streams", "really prolific fields", and "all around adjusted for developing structures." With these lines, Columbus is giving proof of motivations to return and how his discoveries were fruitful. Columbus needs to have future journeys and investigate the world better. The solitary way he can do is so by the sponsorship of the Ferdinand and Isabella. Without them, he would not have even gone anyplace in any case.

The fundamental justification the letter, in any case, is that Christopher Columbus needed to get acknowledgment for his discoveries and disclosures, despite the fact that Ferdinand and Isabela had effectively settled on a concurrence with him. Columbus found significantly more than he suspected he would. Despite the fact that he couldn't discover what his unique journey objective was, the immediate water course from Europe to Asia; he never really arrived at Asia, and was ignorant of this reality. All through the letter, Columbus specifies "I" reliably, causing it to appear like he is just answerable for every one of the positive parts of his journey. Columbus needs to leave an imprint and ensure that he gets a type of acknowledgment for his journey. Since the entirety of the land and the greater part of the wealth were vanquished by him be that as it may, are for Spain, the voyager, Columbus, doesn't wind up with a major extent of the discoveries however, having the option to assume acknowledgment for his discoveries have an effect. Columbus needed to ensure that Ferdinand and Isabela are not by any means the only ones getting acknowledgment for his investigations.

Columbus was effective in discovering numerous new revelations, land, and islands all through his journey. Along these lines, he could reward the nation of Spain for subsidizing his journey and future journeys since he did, all things considered, have a prosperous journey. Columbus' fundamental justification the letter was to get kudos for his diligent effort, very much like his motivation, Marco Polo (in spite of the fact that Marco Polo composed a book to build up his ability). His fundamental objective was to track down an immediate water course west from Europe to Asia at the same time, all things considered, he really wound up accomplishing significantly more prominent disclosures in the New World.

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