Comparing Ship Technology: the Ships Columbus Used Versus Ships of Today 

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 Christopher Columbus had three ships that was the best way of expedition in the fifteenth-century. Throughout that time span, ships was the easiest way of conveyance. Christopher Columbus possessed a trio of watercrafts that helped him travel from Spain. Their captions are the Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. His two ships, the Nina and Pinta, were caravel watercrafts, while the Santa Maria was the fortilla leader, chief of the supplementary two ships. The Santa Maria sustained fifty-two men, while the Nina and Pinta sustained eighteen. With Christopher’s three ships, he found the presence of America. Every single one of his watercrafts were unique, but they all had their superiorities and obstacles, collated to the ships of today.

The Nina and Pinta was capable to skim through shallow water and coral reefs. The Santa Maria was insufficient to do that. The most rapid ship Columbus owned was the Pinta. Its top velocity was eight knots a day, leading up to 200 miles. His most sedated watercraft was the Santa Maria because of its substantial enormity. The Santa Maria was not the preeminent ship Christopher Columbus had. Christopher was not that affectionate towards her. He said that she was ponderous and was unacceptable for finding new things. He also said that she had very slow actions. In the end, Santa Maria sunk and had to be neglected. The Nina and Pinta were utilized for a lot of things. They had great speed rate and were reasonable ships to sail. The ship Columbus was most passionate for was the Nina. It was qualified to sail through the wind.

The Santa Maria was firm and had the strength to stay static in hefty storms. Unlike other ships, the Santa Maria was not a coastal craft. The ship had a deep depth of water that securely kept it from going towards coastlines. Many perused Santa Maria as a strong ship that could get through anything.

The Nina and Pinta were nothing analogous to the Santa Maria. They were smaller and faster, but not as strong as the Santa Maria. These two ships could not remain stagnant in sturdy storms. They can support cargo, but not as much as the Santa Maria.

Today, ships are not as popular as they were centuries before. There is not just ships, but there are cars, buses, motorcycles, trains, and planes. Even though there is more ways to travel, there is better technology on ships today. Ships are also used for different things. They are used for cruises, the marines, and many more.

Ships are much faster than they were back in the day. Now they can go up to 20-30 knots. Ships in the fifteenth-century did not make noises like they do now. Ships, today, can now be controlled even more. Ships depend on fuels now. They need fuel oil and gasoline. This causes water contamination. Back then, ships used rigs. Now ship builders design rigless ships.

Ships today use way more than they used to. They now use solar energy and engines. Using engines degrades the gas that the ship is giving out. It also diminishes the number of energy it is using. Christopher’s ships did not use engines. He used rigs to sail his ships.

Builders decided to build much bigger ships than before. They want them to hold a lot of capacity. Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria, was a big ship, but the ships they are building now are humongous. They want to be able to hold a lot of things at once. Even though it is a lot of hard work of building, they think it is easier to build ships that can carry a lot of objects. The Santa Maria was built to carry a lot of things, but definitely not as much as the ships made today.

Overtime, ships completely changed. Throughout the fifteenth-century, ships did not have technology at all. Christopher Columbus had to have men aboard to help him sail his three ships. Today, ships are much harder to control. Ships are also used for disparate things now. Ships in the fifteenth-century was not for cruises or the marines. It was more for surveying and discovering inexperienced things. Ships were not as important as they were back in Christopher Columbus’ time period. Now there is many ways to travel around the world. Christopher’s ships did not have technology like ships do now. His ships were easy to operate, while modern-day ships are much more complicated. Modern-day ships will become more advanced as time passes. Ships would probably be the hardest to control out of all the other ways to travel. Builders always come up with something new for ships. They always have something better to add on. Even though ships are becoming more advanced, Christopher Columbus’ ships will always be remembered for its great ability of travel.       

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