Should Teenagers Get Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetics surgery on teenagers is a risk to their own bodies. Teenagers don’t fully develop until they’re in their early twenties, so for a doctor to let them know if theirs a risk for them after the surgery they can’t say because their body isn’t yet where they are supposed to be developed. Teenagers don’t do research on the surgery so they have little known of the risk they will be taking and just believe what their doctors tell them. Surgery is not easy to be paid, in other words, it is expensive. We live in a society where everyone talks about everyone, one remark should not let it get to a teenager, teenagers are just growing. Some bloom sooner or later eventually. Teenagers shouldn’t be putting their body in risk at an early age, instead should be loving their selves.

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“Should Teenagers Get Cosmetic Surgery?”

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 Ages thirteen to twenty-one should not be getting cosmetic surgery because their body don’t fully develop till their in their early twenties. Dr. Kirk Brandow says,  breast tissue can continue to grow after the age of sixteen, it is possible that a girl could develop breasts that are a size shes comfortable with, which would eliminate the need for implants. if that’s the case and getting implants instead of waiting for your own body to develop will put you in a position where you tell your self, now their too big I don’t want these implants in me, and there goes another risky surgery to your own self. It goes for the boys too, they see celebrities with big muscles and want some push up in their arms, but boys stop developing at age 16 but their muscles will continue to grow until they have hit their early twenties. Teenagers need to understand we are all still growing, we are still learning new things everyday. There is an actual growth chart where girls gain weight at the age of eighteen to twenty-one, even with therapy sessions it is not possible to tell exactly if there’s going to be a risk in the future after the cosmetic surgery. Teenagers should weight it out before thinking if they want surgery till their in there twenty-one, that way their fully developed.

  They say one reason teenagers should get cosmetic surgery is that people can be so cruel whether intentionally or not. An example is, back when I was in high school I was in the hallway with my friend by the locker. Theres a girl next to us putting her books away in her own locker just then someone blurted out to her, Gee, did you see her nose? while passing by when she had turned around. I had went up to her and told he to ignore it, but she just ran from me and headed to the bathroom. In like maybe a month it was almost Christmas I had recently seen her and she looked so different. She had gotten her nose done, a nose job. She looks happy in the hallways and her head held high. They say cosmetic surgeries should be able to be done with teens because they will feel better about them self. However, willing to get a nose job or any other cosmetic surgeries come with risks and expenses. It comes with many risks while getting it done, anesthesia risk infection, poor wound healing or scarring, permanent nerve damage, difficulty breathing and also skin discoloration and swelling. Her nose is still growing we are only fourteen, for her nose to be growing after she have gotten it done will be affecting her in the future. On top of that its expensive, why put you self in debt over one remark of a teenager. We all got flaws. A nose job cost thousands pf money and insurance don’t cover it, it all comes out your own pocket. Just the nose job cost 4,694 without any of the anthesis or the operating facilities. With adding that it will range up to 5,000 to 10,000 for a nose job that you want over someone rude comment. Teenagers are here to grow and develop, everyone got their own flaws. Don’t nobody need to be putting their self in risk as well in debt too or your own mom. Next thing you know were in our senior year in high school, she became homeschooled because her nose started to get droopy. Medical doctor Phillp S. Schoenfeld said, as we age the support structures of the nose that provides the nose with shape and stability will stretch , elongate and weaken. The nose loses its shape and that’s when the tip droops. Our nose develops over time, so causing to get rhinoplasty can cause you to have difficulties in the future.

 Teenagers that know they are a different identity should be able to get cosmetic surgery at a early age. They should be able to feel comfortable within them selfs and also proud of coming out. This give reasons why cosmetic surgery should be allowed for teenagers. This is not a phase this is what I want to do with my body. In contrast, they shouldn’t be allowed to get cosmetic surgery because is not a phase but it’s early for their body to change drastically. Study finds health risk for transgender women on hormone therapy, the study looked at records of five-thousands transgender people and found higher risks of blood clots, stroke, and heart attack for transgender women, July 9th, 2018. Dr. Gabrielle Caswell, president of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia, said Children should not receive cosmetic or surgical procedures of any kind unless they are compelling medical or psychological reasons to do so. They can do their cosmetic surgery but when their older, when your brain has developed and mentality change. Cosmetic surgery is not easy, is changing to another person that you were not born with. Teenagers should not be allowed and be banned. In Queensland, physicians who operate on children without good reason can face two years in imprisonment.

 Regret rates highest in male-to-female reassignment operations. A 2011 study found that after sex reassignment surgery, more than three hundred Swedish transsexuals faced a higher risk of mortality, suicide ideation, and psychiatric issues compared to the rest of the population. The researchers concluded, Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group. When going through a process like this, need to make sure this is right for you and have been to a psychiatric hospital to talk about it and make sure in your mentality you want this, but you can’t if you’re a teenager because your brain has not developed yet. If your brain has not mature yet then you shouldn’t be getting no plastic surgery because in the long run after the surgery it may has its side effect on how you feel with your self maybe even worse. When having a transgender surgery, the expense is out of your pocket but way more than just a cosmetic surgery. A gender reassignment surgery seven-thousand to twenty-four-thousand for male-to-female. Female-to-male can be up too fifty thousand not including the warrant extra care. If your younger than eighteen, there is not job that’s can afford to pay that off and your parents shouldn’t be paying for it because in the long run if for you and not your parents. They’ll support you but it should be your doing if you can’t then wait a proper age, do not put your self in debt!

 Transforming your body is not an easy decision to make, especially you know the risk effects. People have died with cosmetic surgery. Leah Cambridge died on the operating table at Elite Aftercare In Izmir. She was on the table under a Brazilian butt lift procedures, which reshapes the buttocks by transferring fat from areas including the stomach and back. A study was shown In the US found one in three-thousands patients died from the popular procedure. This is why there is a huge risk in why as cosmetic surgery should wait till your over twenty-one. Your mentality and brain had have developed more as in your body as well. Doctors will go ahead with the procedure but they know the risks, and you are even putting them in risk by them losing the job they have worked for.

 I feel I am mature enough to get a cosmetic surgery if I wanted too. It’s my body right I can do whatever I want to it. However, people might have the idea that their mature enough when in reality they might not actually be. One way to see if teenagers are mature enough for this stage of surgery is to screen potential patients using psychological testing. This testing will ask you questions on why you want the surgery? What will benefit for you? Knowing you won.t look like how you are after the surgery has happened. You need to understand everything that’s going to happen and being able to deal with the changes you will start overcoming because you are going to feel different as in, people are going to visually different too. Surgery is not easy to take in, need all the support you can get. Teenagers don’t understand how one surgery can really change them for who they are, will maybe start acting like their better because they got surgery instead of loving your own self.

If a teenager can live with their imperfections, it’s better to not take the risk on your own self. Sometimes the surgery you will be getting can be dissatisfied with the results of their surgery and up feeling sad and going to depressed mood. Not all surgeries go perfectly especially if your body keeps changing every day at a young age, it will only make matters worse. They expected to be perfect, but when they realized they didn’t need the plastic surgery to make them feel more confident or happy in the long run, then they start regretting and realizing them their original self-was perfection. Regretting a surgery is not easy and If you are not mature enough your able to hit a depression mode if that was the case. Surgery usually doesn’t come out the way you want to look or want to be looked by other people after a surgery your usually going to be swollen, redness, pain, bruising and just very uncomfortable. Takes months and months to heal but within those months even risk can occur while healing. If you don’t like scars, really prevent your self from having a cosmetic surgery because scarring is permanent.

 Plastic surgery won’t make people like you. If you’re a person with a bad personality or stuck up, changing your looks won’t make people come to you.  Plastic surgery should not be used for people to like you unless you need surgery because people will like you for who you are not for fixing your nose, lips, and body. They’ll see the real you. People wanting to do cosmetic surgery should not be doing it for other because if that’s the case then you’re risking your own life for them.

 A cosmetic artist Bobbi Brown wrote a book on how telling women to accept for what they cannot change them selfs. She has studies that most women’s grow into their bodies the way they are supposed to and almost all of the petty complaints a teenager has such an excess fat or big nose are changed once we hit out twenty-one. She knew a person, a woman that wanted surgery back then but she realizes she did not have money for what she wanted. She wanted to fix her nose and the belly gut is a fatness that hangs a little over that’s part of your stomach. She was very self-conscious about it and was only seventeen years old. She just waited till she had a job that can afford such a surgery since insurance wouldn’t cover it. Over the years, she worked and worked until finally, she was twenty-three had a stable job too do the procedures just then she looked at her self and seen what she hasn’t seen since she was seventeen. She never really pay mind to it no more but she believed that actually waiting till your body has developed to what is supposed to be, her nose came to a smaller shaped over the years and did not realize till now and she’s has been working in an active environment she lost the baby gut the fatness in the belly throughout the years. All she did was wait and made sure that’s what she wanted and she was smart to not put her self in debt for her future and now she feels better than she has before. If she would have done a procedure back then and it’s been six years her nose would have in a state to redo again because her nose has shifted and she would have a scar on her stomach fatness when she could have lost it her self. Her body grew into a mature body state and no complications throughout her self.

 In conclusion, cosmetic surgery should not be done on teens, it should be banned till their body has fully developed. Bodies don’t stop growing until they have hit their mid-twenties as well as your brain. Having a mentality for what exactly you want as a teenager will change in the future once you fully understand the risk you will put your self through as well as all the expenses that need to be paid off. Teenagers should wait to make sure if that’s what they really want. Cosmetics surgery is not easy to deal with at an early young age and should not be risking your self.

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