Self Knowledge

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Self-Knowledge is the makeup of your character, values, desires, emotions, and beliefs. Regardless of what other people and you yourself believe what you are like, self-knowledge is what you are truly like. As you understand whom you truly are, you become more poised, understand your purpose, and you will start making a bigger impact in your organization as a leader.

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“Self Knowledge”

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Self-Knowledge will help me as a leader by continuing to do three things. First, being vulnerable enough to expose myself without fear of rejection and to know that expressing my vulnerabilities fully involves with and forms a trust. Second, relating to my soldiers as I seek to inquire about their feelings, values, and strengths, hence seeing the best in them and that their motives and desires are good. Finally, putting my personal preferences aside and standing up for my values, to benefit the organization as a whole.

Utilizing small rewards keeps my motivations going for the near and long-term future because they are a form of recognition instead of a material gain. For example, I will focus on small rewards to help make consistent progress. I do this by working on a task for approximately 30 minutes then rewarding myself with a 5-10 minute break on YouTube, Facebook or even Twitter. This provides me with the motivation to complete my tasks and puts me closer to reaching my goal.

Near term goals are much easier to achieve than long term goals. Before I set any long term goals, I try and identify any pitfalls I may come across and mentally prepare for it. I like to break down my goals into smaller tasks and follow a proven system to help achieve my goals and improve my confidence. I reward myself after each completed task no matter how small the task is. I like to use the Kaizen method to help reach my goals. It is in our nature to create checklists and to have a need to create smaller tasks in order to achieve our end goals.

The Kaizen Method is essentially a series of small steps to improve a habit. When I first began using the Kaizen method, it felt like I was making little to no progress at all. However, I did realize the positive habits I was making. I will develop small tasks and write them in my green notebook to help keep me on track, which helps me stay motivated and focused in completing my end goal.

Being unafraid of rejection, relating to my subordinates and standing up for my values, will help in making a bigger impact on the improvement of my unit and myself. Using this knowledge of myself enhances not only my daily motivation, but also my short and long term goals by following the Kaizen method.  

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