Preview about my and my Knowledge in the Field of Computer Technologies

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My name is Dina Mohamed, I have graduated from the faculty of Engineering ‘El- Shorouk Academy ‘and I have earned a bachelor’s degree in Control and Computer Engineering in 2019. I’m working in the “Information Technology” department at “The National Service Projects Organization for Communication”. I am applying for this scholarship as it fits my future goal of becoming a college professor.

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“Preview about my and my Knowledge in the Field of Computer Technologies”

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Although my college curriculum has introduced me to Artificial intelligence, Data Mining, Database, Networks, Software Engineering, Operating systems, and programming languages, however, my passion started through my network’s instructor in the full year “Network Infrastructure and Operating System” diploma which I gained from Cisco’s Networking Academy. This opportunity showed me the importance of network protocols and Cybersecurity and its important role in protecting data and securing businesses.

By studying this master, I would be able to keep up with the growing field of technology since cybersecurity is needed in every field. Secondly, I would use my previous knowledge and enhance my practical skills. Additionally, I would forward my knowledge to other students through online videos as I plan in the future to make every student who can not travel to take part in this cultural diversity opportunity.

I come from a developing country which lacks in the field of researching plus, the chance to support myself financially will take many years of my life without achieving my dream. Although I am willing to work to save money for my future goal. I find this opportunity a generous chance and a very welcoming platform for international students to participate in. As I read into your college objective and the goal to hire international staff, I find myself tempted to acquire this place.

Even though I have not traveled before, I have searched for a master’s degree in different countries, Germany, The USA, Turkey, and Romania. Looking at both the cultural and educational point of view, I could not find a better opportunity for myself rather than this. Furthermore, I have a memory when I have volunteered in “AIESEC” an NGO, which helps youth to achieve their dreams and enhance their skills through participating in a life-changing experience program abroad. This made me interview many candidates and write their stories after their return. One of my favorite stories was about one of my team members, who has been to “Romania” in a program about the quality of education. I become aware that this country is open to equality and technology and I could not wait to be part of it.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

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