Selection Criteria – STAR Aprroach

Proven ability to work collaboratively within a team environment

As a chairman of the Young Farmers Club in my high school, it was my duty to organize club members for weekly meetings and various projects that were at hand. I used to chair a team of 50 members on every Wednesday meeting throughout my final year. By implication, I had to work collaboratively with the secretary in developing agendas and writing minutes, work with the treasurer for keeping and retrieving financial records and calling members into order and cooperation. At the beginning of the year, I lead the club through phase of planning and came up with a work schedule for activities such as trips, community service work and planting kales which was our main project. To achieve this, I invited suggestions from the members, set dates for each activity and also presented our plan to the school principle.

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“Selection Criteria – STAR Aprroach”

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All through, I encouraged members to contribute funds for our projects, attend the meetings and invite other students to join the club. I also had to exercise critical thinking to solve problems that arose and other areas that involved decision making. By the end of the year, the Young Farmers Club was ranked the best club of the year for having achieved all of its goals. As the chairman, I gladly received a trophy from our beloved principle before the whole school. Leading a diverse team can be really challenging but imputes some precious skills in communication and project management. At personal level, leadership has indeed refined me and I can confidently work in a team environment either as a leader or a team member.

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