Security Applications and Solutions Proposal  

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There are many reasons to have a protected establishment. Companies like airports, oil refineries and banks all require a high level of security to be successful. Not all measures of security are the same; there are many aspects of security measures between these companies that are very similar. They have all activated cyber security and security personnel on staff, they all use CCTV’s to overlook the surrounding areas and they all have assets that would be detrimental to the company if the assets were to be tampered with. Security threats at airports have grown significantly over the years since the year 2001 when the world trade center was struck by two airplanes. There are security threats such as unattended baggage’s, unruly individuals in the airport, weapons being smuggled into the airport and drugs.

All of these security threats are on the top list of the TSA’s agenda. There are many standards that need to be upheld by the TSA, even for the TSA agents there needs to be some type of security. Unattended baggage’s can be a huge threat due to the fact that an individual may have left the bag at a certain place in the airport to hurt individuals. Weapons have been known to be smuggled into the airport for various reasons. Individuals that bring in weapons into the airport may cause harm to individuals passing through the airport. Drugs are another big problem in airports across the world; drugs are being smuggled by gangs and mules to enter the United States so they can sell the drugs on the streets Security threats in the oil industries have been increasing over the past five years.

There are many vulnerabilities such as cyber-attacks, vendors being able to control sensitive information, aging infrastructure and terrorist attacks. Cyber-attacks have become a huge issue to many companies across the United States. Oil industries are having problems with hackers being able to break into firewall systems to steal confidential information. Employee training is a must when it comes to combating cyber-security. Havin different companies and vendors enter the premises of the oil industry may cause a huge threat. There are vulnerabilities if the vendors do not know how to control sensitive items. If sensitive items are leaked, the information may end up in the wrong hands and potentially cause harm to an individual. Terrorist attacks on oil fields have grown drastically over the past five years. Terrorists across borders break the aging pipes to disrupt the flow of oil that enters the United States There are many threats that banks have to consider to keep all assets safe at all times. If assets aren’t safe then the bank may have the possibility of losing potential clients in the future which will result in loss of business.

Banks have to deal with cyber security threats, theft and internal threats such as an inside man to help a thief get control of assets. Cyber threats are huge in the banking industry, with online banking and new technology there is room for cyber-attacks to happen. An individual can control access to another individual’s assets if the information were to be hacked or stolen. Theft is another huge issue, although banks have security personnel on staff at the bank, there still is a possibility of break in or theft to gain control of assets inside of the bank. There are millions of dollars controlled by the bank, if an individual were to gain access to this type of money, it can not only hurt the banks business but also hurt all the individuals involved. Banks must assure that all employees are being well trained and not able to steal from the bank while working at the bank. This may pose a huge problem to assets if the employees were not honest. All three security applications are related in many ways, oil industries, airports and banks all have to deal with cyber-attacks, inside employees being corrupt and terrorist attacks.

All industries do have security personnel on staff to mitigate these threats. They all use CCTV’s to easily control assets such as people, money and oil. All industries are related in a way that if a threat were to occur, it would affect millions of people at one time. In an airport, a threat would affect every single person in that airport. IN a bank if a threat were to happen it would affect every single person that banks with that individual bank. And with oil industries, if a threat were to occur it would also affect the millions of Americans that would need to use that type of oil. There are multiple procedures that can be set in place to mitigate all of these threats. Training employees, upgrade to the best firewall systems and serious incident reports can be avenues taken to mitigate threats at all industries.

Training of employees should be one of the top priorities in these industries. Without the proper training a threat can easily happen and any of the industries will be vulnerable without the industry actually knowing that they are vulnerable. Annually the IT department should make sure that the security firewall systems that are in place are the best firewall systems possible for that particular industry. This will make it much harder for cyber-attacks to happen and ultimately saving assets. Serious incident reports can play a huge role in industries for training and future threats. If a threat were to occur, a serious incident report should be filled for future employees and references in case another threat was to occur. Having these reports on hand can show a weakness in the industry, the industry will be able to adapt to this threat and make the industries security much stronger. No matter what industry it is whether it is an airport, oil field or bank they all have many vulnerabilities to address. Firewalls, security personnel and training are a great practice to set the industry up for success. Assets are the number one priority for an industry, security of those assets are a must if the industry wants to keep growing for future business as well as keeping the trust of every client doing business with that industry. Security equals assets being controlled which will ultimately allow profits to return annually to the industry for industry growth. 

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